I re-learned something last night.  

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9/3/2006 1:27 pm

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I re-learned something last night.

I have some very good friends on this site. Good to the point I am emotionally involved in their lives. When their heart sings, mine does too.

Last night one of them told me the person to whom they have given their heart was out of town for a while. My friend had wanted to go visit, but was discouraged from doing so by the out of town person. (I know this is awkwardly worded, but I will NOT write anything that might reveal identities!)

I was told the rational for not taking the trip. It was that my friend would sit in a hotel room alone in an unfamiliar city all day. The evenings would consist of a quick meal, whatever personal interaction seemed appropriate, followed by sleep.

My reaction was suspicion! I made a strong argument; first in favor of suspicion, then in favor of my friend guarding their heart. Why?
If I had been out of town and my love, my everything, wanted to come visit I would have moved the world to facilitate it!


Would the out of town person like to have my friend present for the quick dinner, and to meet shared physical desires? Of course!

Maybe for them the prospect of sitting around in a hotel room alone all day was so onerous, they would rather forego my friends company than subject my friend to the ordeal of being stranded and alone all day.

When I saw it that way, I became a very selfish person. I would subject someone I loved to sitting alone all that time, to get two or three hours of happiness for myself. I don't like a person who is that selfish.

PLEASE;no comments whatsoever about the situation involving my friend. This is about me, and what I learned about myself. It is also about being so unselfish that you can actually put the comfort and convenience of someone you love above your own desires.

Wouldn't it be great to have someone care that much about you?

Could you, would you, care that much about someone else?

Take care, and have fun,

Take care and have fun,

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