Are men and women really different?  

man4romanticfun 75M
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8/11/2006 2:14 pm

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Are men and women really different?


From time to time I will demonstrate some of the differences in the manner following. Draw your own conclusions, plot your own course, and share them with others if you wish.

Scenario: 5 guys sitting in a converted garage watching a ball game on tv. Conversation might go something like this:

#1 -- I need a beer
#2 -- well go get it then, and while you're up bring me one too!
#1 -- you go! I went last time.
#2 -- I just refilled the chips and dip.
#3 -- well I went to the door when the pizza got here.
#4 -- well its my house and my tv. (this trumps all excuses except a recent, incapacitating, injury to a lower extremity)
#5 -- What a bunch of lazy f...ers. I'll go!
(translation: Y'all win, I can't think of a better excuse than any one of you!)

at the end of the game they are as good friends, or better friends than they were before the game, and live happily ever after!


Scenario: 5 women sitting at dining table playing

#1 -- I'm getting me some more tea, anybody else want some?
#2 -- yes, I do. I'll get the ice for the glasses.
#3 -- I'll refill the pretzels
#4 -- I'll get some more of those cute hors d'oeuvres. They are delicious.
#5 -- I'll make sure you girls can find everything in my kitchen.

They spend 20 minutes gossipping in the kitchen, and live happily ever after!

What's it all mean boys and girls ????

Take care and have fun,

themisskrissy 56F
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8/11/2006 5:51 pm

it means i am better suited to hanging with the men even tho i hate televised sports..

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abbw4blkmen 60F

8/19/2006 4:57 pm

Sorry, it goes more like this:

Scenario: 2 women and 3 gay guys sitting in the living room watching a Reality Show

Woman #1 -- I'm getting me something to drink
Woman #2 -- While you're up, will you get me a diet drink?
Gay Guy #1 -- Look at the bulge in that guy's pants!
Gay Guy #2 -- To heck with the bulge, did you see his butt?
Gay Guy #3 -- Has the pizza gotten here yet?

They spend the rest of the night arguing which guy is the hottest!

----We're not so different afterall!----

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