"G" is for GUSH !!!  

man4romanticfun 74M
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8/22/2006 11:59 pm

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9/3/2006 12:36 am

"G" is for GUSH !!!

I prefer the word gush instead of squirt. Look it up in your Funk and Wagnel's, and you might prefer gush also,... or not.

A platonic friend of mine recently told me she had gushed for the first time ever. She is late 30's. When she related the particulars and details to me, it was apparent the guy had found her G spot, either through knowledge or luck. All she knew was he had caused it with his fingers, and he hadn't been very far inside her, and was gentle. Even she didn't know there was any place in particular he had touched.

Pussys, unlike dicks, have several areas of sensitivity. Guys, when you are making love, or in foreplay before fucking, PAY ATTENTION TO THE WOMANS RESPONSES She may not feel like coaching you, so watch her reactions. Listen to her breathing, her sounds, watch her face, notice her hands. Besides letting you know what she likes most, you may also find it heightens your excitement to see and hear her reaction.

Another thing -- if you get a positive reaction, or she actually says "wow, that feels good" resist the temptation to go faster, or use mmore pressure. If she want's that, she will indicate it. She may tell you, or she may just move her hips a little faster. Sometimes gentle is better!! The next time your dick is real hard try gently touching the tip of it, or the ridge behind the head, and you may find how exquisite a gentle touch can be.

Guys, we have a tongue, two hands, ten fingers, and a nose; yes a nose! It can work wonders on a clit while your tongue is at her entrance. We can stimulate several areas at once. Some women like that, some don't, but give her the chance to decide for herself.

Women part of gushing is psychological for you. You need to be totally relaxed with your sexuality. You need to get rid of any hang-ups about "letting it go" so to speak. There is always a towel around, and washing sheets is a necessity anyway, so let it go girls, and experience what I have been told is a unique and powerfully satisfying and complete release of sexual tension!! If the guy is bothered by it, find you one who isn't. He will be the one who cares more about your level of satisfaction than his own and that may have added benefits.

Comments, questions, etc. welcome, but explanations of male and female anatomy are available in libraries and book stores, and I'm not that expert anyway. I just have lived and learned. Learned at least some things -- LOL

'till next time

Take care and have fun,

rm_squirter2002 43F

8/25/2006 9:53 pm

so right, my friend!

rm_fairyglow3 66F

8/27/2006 3:24 pm

That can be the best time you ever had. Some men can cause the gush and others either try to hard and don't care. And then there are some men who are just fasinated when a woman ejaculates. You have to realise what it is that is happening to you and that it can happen when you least expect it. I really enjoy those times because the sex is so much more enhanced.

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