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malissa969 38F
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11/20/2005 6:21 am

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9/29/2006 10:56 pm

Here's a good one

Profile is a single woman seeking women or couples, right? The email I get says "here is a picture of a (m) friend of mine. He would like to get together with you. Call (guys name) at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Do I look that blonde?

Or another one of my favorites is the "woman" who's man is away on business (just happens to be in MY town) and she would like me to fuck him since she can't.

PLEASE!!! Give me a break!

I don't have a long list of things that are a total turn-off, but dishonesty is one trait that will get my attention. If you are a guy and want to get with me, your chances are better if you are totally honest. If you are a woman trying to get some guy laid, do it yourself. If you don't want him, why do you think I would?

One last point before I end this rant. If you list yourself as a couple, then state that you are a guy who's wife allows him to swing. You are NOT, repeat NOT going to get with me!

Maybe I should rewrite my ad. I hate reading really long intros with a lot of requirements and exculsions, so I would prefer to keep mine as simple as possible.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences. I am sure the ladies have some good stories, but I want to hear from you men as well.



rm_wellshouldi 53M

11/20/2005 8:59 am

A woman once contacted me,through the site,asked in the same email if i would be up for going away for a holiday and getting married in a year or so..........some peole are barking mad.


nost202 43T

11/20/2005 1:48 pm

Yes, I have re-written my profile numerous times, most of which was in direct response to some bonehead message I received. I usually would have to go back and edit it after reviewing the changes and realizing it was a little harsh and may not make the best first impression. Something to the effect....I will not reply if A.Can't read B.Can't spell C.Don't fit my description D.Have no photo
I tried the short and sweet approach and found it very frustrating. The only thing I do leave in is photo required. Those of us with photos took the time and effort and I insist that any interested members do the same. Is it not obvious, the disadvantage those of us with photos are in when speaking of "nophotoman" or "blankman" or "shadowperson"? offense Mark.
I have only recently included guys in my search and have also received messages......Oh ur so hot call me ***-***-**** over and over and can't help but laugh....appearently some view "ideal person" in profile as a suggestion and feel they definitely have what it takes.....hmmmm....with no photo? I have since enabled auto response and use it as a place to get very specific about what I expect and who I'll respond to. In short, regardless of your interests or how you view yourself, without a photo your justthat, "nophotoperson" wah

SprigJadedHorol 42M

11/23/2005 9:48 pm

Good blog, I don't know how bad some of the guys are on this site, becuase most don't email me.(most) Anyway,I'm a good looking guy that provides a photo and I has no hang ups or strings attached, but when women email me back, they typically say something like "yeah I was reading your profile and after I thoroughly analyzed it, I don't think we are looking for the same thing." What the hell is that? If you have photos of yourself getting fucked,and you sucking cock or showing off your pussy and your profile name is LustygrlNeedsCum. I think we are looking for the same thing. Yes, I like to see all the beautiful and nake sexy women that like to show off on this site. But 95% of the profiles and what women say they "need" and "want" all the time. Is just crap. Most just get off having their name and maybe a photo on this site, and giggle and feel special when someone emails them. Though I have met a couple women who are for real from this site,(thanks ladies) But NOT MANY!! So what's the big scam here, do so many women, even the really hot ones just like getting emails from guys propositioning them? Really, I'd like to know?

rm_HotFunInMN 50M
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11/30/2005 9:14 am

What's the point of being open about ones sexuality if you are just going to lie about everything. I wish I meet more woman like you on this site. Honest.

rm_tdh69691000 47M

12/16/2005 2:54 pm

I've had similar experiences to Triman. One recently where I started chatting to a woman who lives 2 suburbs away. She had a photo of her getting screwed on her profile, told me I sounded 'yummy', and then started really flirting with me online. E.g. "desribe your cock"

So I told I often swim a the local pool, told her I'd be there the next day, what time and what to look for. I said if you're keen take a look then we can go from there. She so bolted from what I thought was a no risk situation for her.

Maybe guy and girls fakers get different things from this website. Girl fakers get to flirt like they'd never do in real life, guy fakers get to try all sorts of scams (most of which I expect they do try in real life.)

P.S. Yes I know I need to get a photo up. Need to get a digital camera first. Maybe I'll get one for xmas.

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