Should we have a group??  

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5/24/2006 6:48 am

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Should we have a group??

To all the ladies,im been thinkin of havin 2 groups n there r 1 group for laughter in which guys n gals could submit their original jokes n poems n share wif the rest.Secondly havin a group for ladies who r seekin pleasures from the singaporean guys(thats a reversal for guys seekin ladies) n wonderin if the moderator is happen to a guy n will u ladies be votin for a yes or a no.This is my personal view n i hope this will not anger any of the ladies rite??Well for some reasons,Im very pity to the buayas,desperados,sex thinkers n worse the Chekopeks who never ever get a chance n im hopin that this will get the guys hot n horny when they been chosen by u ladies ^^.Well guys that by the time u read this u all surely want 2 badly happym;.....
Should we have a laughter group ?
Should we have ladies lookin for pleasures from the guys?
Should we have both?

malayboy26 37M

5/24/2006 7:08 pm

well this stupid idea was originated by my friend n he came up wif this...He wanted know 2 know if his idea is workin n the way u comment really works...thnk gdness i dun talk to 2 him on this huh??? by a way my friend use my acc n type this f$!@in questionare.Haizzzz........:S

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