now that my gold membership is over....  

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7/31/2005 9:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

now that my gold membership is over....

I tried the gold membership, and even tho I didnt meet anyone I dont have any regrets about trying it.. So why did I stop?
A few reasons...
first altho I enjoyed emailing a couple of people, and watching the odd cam show, there really wasnt anything in it for me.
This whole AdultFriendFinder thing isnt something im taking seriously... its just my curiousity taking charge AGAIN. curiousity satisfied.
The customer support however was less then supportive, I really did get the impression that the issues I had were "a great inconveniance" to the support staff, and that they wernt interested in helping at all. In fact they didnt help me. Why should I pay for a site/service that simply wasnt there?..
There seems to have been a lot of downtime/errors with the server in the month that I had it (ending about last week) the whole site would be slow to load if at all... videos would freeze (more then one at the same time, so im pretty shure they didnt all just log off simultaniously) things like that... perhaps it was my server...altho everything else on other sites would still work. I would guess that about 1/4 of the time there were noticable problems.
Why do messages only stay for 30 days? that seems a little odd...unless the server is hard pressed for storage space? I dont know.

Yet im still long as its free I suppose. No harm done really. Just going to see if anything improves before I offer to renew. I am not cheap, for the record, I just expect to get what I pay for.

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