Can't send mails currently except replying to mail  

makey0upregnant 48M
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8/3/2006 9:20 pm
Can't send mails currently except replying to mail

Due to a system update or error I can't send any mails on my own any more. Unfortunately they're constantly changing code and tend to increase restrictions.

To initialize contact I need an email of yours or a friends' network invitation first. Then I can reply to your email.
To keep contact, reply to my mail regularly before it gets deleted from your inbox. This happens after 30 days if you are a standard member. Keep the ball running! Once the mail is deleted, contact might be broken in case the mailing problem hasn't been fixed in the meantime.

Don't forget to send me or accept my network invitation. This can even serve as substitute for mailing. Once you're in my network, I can add comments to your profile and you can add to mine. That way we can communicate even when mailing doesn't work.

Have a sweet Sunday ...

(Now I've been deleted completely. They didn't even tell why ...)

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