Yesterday's silly adult verses & stuff  

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8/18/2005 3:21 am

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Yesterday's silly adult verses & stuff

[Lady inviting for gang bang]

To do a gang bang isn't safe.
Let me come first into your cave.

To do it will not be discrete.
Do me first, then you repeat.

If I have gone and cum inside,
for the gang the legs make wide.

And it is much better still
to be content with what I fill.

[Topic: Rain and storm]

Though I don't care for storm or rain,
if you're aroused - it's not in vain.

If you are hot in bed with me,
it's more than rain what we will see.

Instead of lying dry in bed,
catch the rain for getting wet.

We can do it in the rain
if it's warm it will not pain.

[Cold Autumn Rain]

Rain drops fall and branches quiver.
Pain stops all, your limbs do shiver.
The mist extends from town to wood.
Fog is good for frog and snails.
My fist bends to caress you good.
Hog I flood your fertile womb. Sails
deep in your cave my spermy river.

*lol* I wonder when I get cursed for this nonsense by native speakers. And don't miss the hidden rhymes.

(C) Rights and wrongs by makesupregnant

Too much of these adult rusty rhymes for pleasing ... It's getting boring and always the same ... At times teasing is tough & dumb work. *lol*

English speakers shouldn't hit me - I'm foreign to their language. )

Same stupdid stuff in other tongue:
Und jetzt gleicher Schwachsinn:

Um mit Mädeln bald zu pimpern,
sollst du mit den Versen klimpern.
Und ist das Thema noch so dumm,
nützt zumeist ein Reim drumrum.

Heute rieselt frischer Regen,
will sich auf die Glieder legen.
Eine Nebelbank liegt kalt
von der Stadt bis hin zum Wald.
Dort liegt im Gebüsch ein Weib,
dem schwänger ich gemach den Leib.


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