Today's stuff. Is it enough?  

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8/29/2005 12:35 pm

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Today's stuff. Is it enough?

What was going on Saturday? Little traffic and hence some downgrade of profile ...

Some nonsense with rhymes for today:

Instead of staying in a fort one night
I'd rather be a fortnight with a bride.

[Excusing this stuff:]

English I speak hardly ever
my rusty rhymes will not sound clever.
In my tongue it sounds more nice
if you speak it, enjoy twice.

[Debate on AdultFriendFinder: When the rubber isn't on]

As there are many a deasease
don't forget the rubber please.
Or you find another way
to ensure your health will stay.

[Debate on AdultFriendFinder: Sex and pregnancy]

If you are a loving pair
pregnant sex may be quite fair.

Though I would like it most
if it's my seed she hosts.

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