Rough rhymes and spoilt verses ;)  

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8/27/2005 1:32 pm

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Rough rhymes and spoilt verses ;)

[Night - AdultFriendFinder standard text]

In a lonely park at night
sweet naughty things can be done right.

[Night - abusing the poem Erlkönig]

Who is driving through the night?
It's the parents with their son.
It's dark and life seems gone.
No moon today insight.

The wind whispers and shouts.
A ghost appears and sprouts.
The child cries loud: Don't touch me, ghost!
They speed the car up to the most.

The parents shiver and drive like mad.
Home reached. Child lives. Car dead.

... Enoooooough ... Don't hit me for spoiling the "Erlkönig" poem. *lol*

Now I hide away for awhile until the anger has calmed down.

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