My Replies to Adult Group Debates  

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9/17/2005 8:01 am

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My Replies to Adult Group Debates

Some more weird replies to groups on

[Topic: Lady seeking for gang bang]

If this is your fantasy,
let the gang consist of me.
Let me first cum in your pussy.
Part of a gang - that is too fussy.

[Topic: Finger stuck in pussy]

If your pussy is all wet,
send me a message through the net.
Then I'll come and rub you wetter,
that makes f***ing even better.
Stuck in your pussy is my member.
Write me now. Before September.

[Even though it may spoil reputation further, I omit the normal and subtle replies and verses now ... Another day it may be added ... ]

[Ladies wanting to see]

If healthy ladies want to see,
they can drop a line to me.
I want to really come inside.
Meet me real. Come soon - don't hide.

If you really are a gal,
then I like your idea well.
Yet real touch is better,
because reality does matter.

[Lady needing something hard against pussy]

Against your pussy may well be a teasing.
Yet inside your pussy is better for pleasing.
A number of guys has offered their cock.
Now you try one. And good times will rock.

[ The rest was subtle, not so hot.
Therefore omitted at this spot.

The subtle and the senseful may
be included on another day. ]

Till your next visit, say "fare well"
Nice time in bedroom, pussy smell.

---> bye

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