Filling profiles & filling wombs *lol*  

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8/17/2005 5:51 am

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Filling profiles & filling wombs *lol*

Now I'm a blogger, too. One more unwise blog on the internet, for everybody to read? *lol*

As you like it
a summer night's dream
let's fuck and hit
until you scream.

I shake my spear
inside you my dear.

My spear fills your clit
with sperm fast and fit.

You shout - aloud:
Oh shake thy spear!
Come close and near!

That's how the name
shakespear was given.
Now it's no shame
to be passion-driven.

How did I come to do this? Quite simply: Daily I'm tempted to update or improve my profile. Some more verse to add, some more remark. For standard members *no punch, lol* it takes a day or more to review the profile. In the meantime it's unaccessible. That way my profile could never be read again...

Sweet lady this blog
is an adult log.
Go the whole hog
because I'm no frog.

Pig or swine
in bed that's fine.

Attention: If you want contact, don't block or filter emails on AdultFriendFinder. Otherwise, you won't get my emails or I won't be allowed to write or reply ...

Let me adore you and more.
Let me tease you and please.
Come down the road,
I'll give you a load.
Conceive the joy
of being my toy.

Oh nice sweet blossom
I caress your bosom.

Let's add some spice
in bed and otherwise.

Lust for passion
is a nice fashion.

Tell me what you need.
That is what I feed.

I'll make you wet
and let you swet.

Are you candy?
Then I'm dandy.

Are you hot?
Find the spot.

Are you discrete?
That sounds sweet.

Be so kind
to open you mind.

Take what you need
slow or at speed.

Now you may
come to play.

Healthy lady, let us talk.
To the wild side we can walk.

My intelligence is more than zero,
quite enough to be your heroe.

Let some room for fantasy
to increase sensuality.

I give you more than you did expect,
if my desire you didn't neglect.

Enough of words. Soon we should act.
Let's make it real. Make joy a fact.

Now you break the ice
and write me. That's nice.

Send me your letter!
To meet is even better.

This isn't a tongue-twister but a switch of tongue: (because English is not my Gesang):

Ich bin diskret und nett
draußen und im Bett.

Ich komm' mit Sympathie
gern zwischen deine Knie.

Bist du ein heißes Kätzchen?
Dann spiel'n wir Katz und Maus.
Schreib mir schnell mein Schätzchen,
lädst du mich in dein Haus?

Und nun schreib mir einen Brief,
der bisher nicht bei dir schlief.

Schreibst du mir,
so schreib ich dir.

Ist bald deine Antwort hier?

Wollt ihr mit mir was probieren?
Dann schreibt schnell, nicht lange zieren.

Mit mir könnt ihr vieles spielen,
einiges an Spaß erzielen.

Nun fehlt nur noch wie? und wann?.
Schreibt, damit was werden kann.

(C) makesupregnant
All rights and wrongs reserved.
No commercial or other use without my permittance.
Don't omit source when citing.

makesupregnant 48M
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8/17/2005 7:27 am

Now here's the other side of my profile:

Here are two profiles in one: First for conception, making pregnant. Second for adult poetry and fun for mind and body with or without purpose.


I do what you want as long as it makes you conceive.
I'll reliably get you results: a smart, healthy & cute baby. No stop of efforts before their fruit is growing. No demands on either side & strict discretion.
Success matters. No fin. interests ever.

It can be done on a well-groomed or intellectual level. If you prefer, erotic, naughty or dirty fantasies can stimulate us on the path towards the goal.

Once the goal is reached, no trouble.

Most important is health. I'm very healthy and I'll stay healthy. The same should hold for you. Nothing will happen without a health test.

My blog is more recently updated than my profile. Don't block or filter emails, or otherwise you may not get my mail / reply. ...

(By the way: Pronounce "GesANG" as "tONGUE" in part 1)

makesupregnant 48M
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8/17/2005 9:51 am

Some more weird replies to groups on AdultFriendFinder

[Topic: Lady seeking for gang bang]

If this is your fantasy,
let the gang consist of me.
Let me first cum in your pussy.
Part of a gang - that is too fussy.

[Topic: Finger stuck in pussy]

If your pussy is all wet,
send me a message through the net.
Then I'll come and rub you wetter,
that makes f***ing even better.
Stuck in your pussy is my member.
Write me now. Before September.

[Even though it may spoil reputation further, I omit the normal and subtle replies and verses now ... Another day it may be added ... ]

[Ladies wanting to see]

If healthy ladies want to see,
they can drop a line to me.
I want to really come inside.
Meet me real. Come soon - don't hide.

If you really are a gal,
then I like your idea well.
Yet real touch is better,
because reality does matter.

[Lady needing something hard against pussy]

Against your pussy may well be a teasing.
Yet inside your pussy is better for pleasing.
A number of guys has offered their cock.
Now you try one. And good times will rock.

[ The rest was subtle, not so hot.
Therefore omitted at this spot.

The subtle and the senseful may
be included on another day. ]

Till your next visit, say "fare well"
Nice time in bedroom, pussy smell.

---> bye

LoveyCravesit22 54F

9/16/2005 4:16 pm

OMG! R U SERIOUS???!!! <G>

makesupregnant 48M
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9/17/2005 8:03 am

Lady, I would not lie to you!
All what I write is true.

If you like it then we may
do the things which I do say.

Shankielove83 33F
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9/27/2005 10:25 am

why do you want to concieve children so much...please explain what you actually want...because im veru intrigued

makesupregnant 48M
238 posts
9/27/2005 12:01 pm

If you are intrigued so much.
Then write me! Let's get in touch!

Do it in a private mail.
Words should not in public sail.

It's a debate for you and me,
not for curiosity.

rm_fayssal702 50M
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12/1/2006 12:11 pm


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