Bild: Women's Breast Type  

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Bild: Women's Breast Type

An excerpt, posted to a group on AdultFriendFinder by someone else:

* Melons: A woman with large, round breasts "likes eating and wants to be spoiled and admired, but seldom likes sex," says Lorenzi.
* Grapefruit: "This woman may look erotic, but in reality is bashful and homely. She spoils her partner but prefers tenderness over sex."
* Pears: "Loves love in all its variations. She can be very religious, but is known to have affairs."
* Pineapples: "A woman with pineapple breasts is intelligent, often has a career but is still romantic. They are also faithful. Whoever wins their heart will not lose it quickly."
* Oranges: "While she is self-confident and knows her goals, she has little interest in sex. She likes conversation and partnerships."
* Lemons: "These women are full of life and can laugh at themselves. They want a balanced life without surprises."
* Cherries: They are entertaining and intelligent. Make great partners both for everyday life and on holiday and are moderately interested in sex."

Source: Bild

That's really funny and amusing.

Imagine: if breast would relate to personality, are men's and women's personality that different?

What a great expectation: You could change your personality by surgery! *lol*

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