Red Wine - Chapter II  

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3/30/2006 7:52 pm

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Red Wine - Chapter II

I have held the glass to my lips now for almost two full minutes, and your thighs remain subtly spread, hips tilted toward mine, awaiting the arrival of my glass back down onto the table. I can tell you are becoming nervous, wondering if the waiter has noticed our little game.

For counterpoint, every twenty seconds I signal to you to sip from your glass. You continue the ritual and now and again a drop of red wine will run down your cheek onto your chin. You are not to daub it.

I have promised to later dry clean your creme-colored blouse, a small price to pay for the pleasure of sitting across from you in this dimly lit cafe, with your body open to me, your legs, your lips, your teeth, your eyes, and a single droplet of vanilla-scented 2001 Cabernet making it's way down the front of your perfumed neck and downward and I, wistfully hoping it makes it down past your navel, raise my right hand and swear on my mother's grave that I will buy you a new blouse.

You finish your last sip. I finish mine and return my glass deliberately and gently to the table with an audible click.

Your body relaxes and you inhale.

Instantly, the waiter arrives to ask if we'd like more wine. There is a special on a bottle of vintage Chianti. You are concerned that he may notice the tiny streaks of red below your lip and one on your bosom. I glance at you, eyebrows raised, and you shake your head imperceptibly.

We smile, enough wine for tonight, thank you. Just the check, please. We have to get home.

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