need help to know if im gay!  

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6/5/2005 4:44 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

need help to know if im gay!

im single and am a virgin when it comes to this. i find myself thinking everyday what it would be like to be with a blackman! I find them so good looking and attractie for some reason. Ive dressed and made myself up as a women and cuffed,blindfolded,ducttapedmyankles,and left my hotel room door open just hopeing a big well hung black man would come and take advantage of me. but it never happens....oh why? Ive even got to the point of writing it on the wall and that id even let whoever come and get me and just put me in an all black prison under some assumed name and that way knowone would ever know what happened to me not even me as id still be blindfolded,cuffed,taped,and with earplugs again. when i finally relize it im allready with the men of my dreams! I believe that black men are gods gift to the earth and id do anything for one,anything he disired or wished would be my command! I just want to try one and see why they are so desired by all black and white women. Im willing to do anything for the chance too!!!!!! My friend said once u go black u neverr go back,to white that is and i want to know for sure asap! Does anyone out there have any ideas on to make this happen? Ill get the hotel again and start all over. Im desperet for this to cum true so please i beg of u try and help me out or in!Ill get a room in idahofalls tonight Sunday the 5th and at about 11:00pm ill bond myself up and wait for a true black stallion or stallions at the hotel or to awaken being surrounded by hundreds of the them just wanting a piece of me and me wanting to try it all from sucking them to them fucking me! Ill relocate anywhere for the first blackman that cums to me and does this and asks me to go. i am your personal,lover,toy,bitch,punk,whatever uwant or need ill do my best to please or get it for u as my man! please help someone find there true identity and calling im so ready and want it one way or the other so ill know for sure. But im sure im gay or a transsexual wanting to be a women for a black man. Even his prostitute its all up to u my black knight or knights inside the walls. id even sign the pappers once there if need be oh well dreams and wishes never really do cum true do they? well see u tonight i hope last chane for romance not really cause ill just keep trying until it does happen! Cum and get it ill let u know what hotel a little later o.k? hey any takers out there send an email to me before 10:00pm tonight and ill let u know what hotel and the door will be open for business for u or all.good bye for now and i wait eagerly till tonight and we meet showing me my true identity once and for all! sincerely wanttotryit password EXX48

rm_17bottom 29M

6/17/2005 2:13 am

I think you just wanted someone to tell you this, so here goes. You are totally gay. I think you know it though, so why don't you just share some experiences?

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