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8/8/2005 9:19 pm

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So by the time I got home and got to bed Saturday morning it was 5:30. I ended up sleeping till almost 3PM. Once I got up my PLS was already in the chat room looking for a female for us to share. She spent most of the day looking for this with no luck.

My best friend was having so car problems so I spent the day trying to help them get corrected. He had plans that night so after a couple of hours riding around town looking for parts we finally found them and he opted to go to a party he had commited himself too.

I was pretty tired from the night before so I want home and opened up the chat room. It was pretty dead. The usualy bots, fakes and so on. I sat back drinking a big glass of water and just watching the room when around 9:30 a local female came in looking for sex.

I said hello and we started to talk. After a brief hello and some small talk we went to yahoo. As soon as she saw my pic on yahoo things went south.

She told me that we had talked before and that we decided it was not a match. I tried to think of when I had to talked to her before but could not rememeber. I lost all my yahoo logs when my pc crashed the weekend before.

I went back to the chat room and after a short time she made a comment to me and I responded. She thought it might have been her pic that was the problem. I explained to her that I did not remember the previous conversation and she admitted that neither did she.

20 minutes later we were back in yahoo talking. She wanted sex and so did I. We continued talking for about 10 minutes when I asked her if she would be intersted in a 3-some and her responce was "NOW YOU HAVE ME INTERESTED". I explained to her about my PLS and what she wanted to do and she was all for it. I call my PLS and told her to get over her and she said she was on her way.

She was a little nervous about the situation as he had never met either of us so she called while she was on her way and asked that we meet her outside. I completely understood and told her it was no problem. When she arrived she called and my PLS and I met her in the driveway. She was cool with the situation at that point and joined us in side.

After 20 minutes of small talk we all got naked and fucked like never before. My PLS wanted me to fuck her in the ass while she 69's with a woman and we got to make that dream cum true. I blew my load deep in her ass. She loved it and came like a banshee.

We took a break for a while and talked and had a great time. After an hour or so both ladies took turns sucking my cock till I blew my load and then they shared it with each other. It was so fucking hot.

I let my PLS stay the night and snuggle with me. Sunday when I woke up I fucked her silly. It was one hell of a weekend.

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