The Photo Debate  

majordomobilly 47M
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3/8/2006 4:23 pm

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The Photo Debate

I have noticed a few blog posting recently from women asking why the men on here have a dick pic as their main pic. Personally I switch mine back and forth between that and a face pic. But something to take into consideration is that profiles with an "adult" pic are listed before those with a face pic. So if you want to show up at the top of a search (and get noticed more often) you have to have that adult photo first. And as you ladies may have noticed the odds are in your favor here at AdultFriendFinder so we guys have to do something to get noticed first
Me, I can take or leave the photos, that isn't going to be the determining factor in whom I choose to contact. What I would like to see is better written introductions. Things that have actually shown a bit of thought instead of just one or two lines. And don't get me wrong, I think it is great that AdultFriendFinder offers help in writing the profile information. But, I have found you can tell the profiles that have been helped they all include stock phrases that are a bit cheesey. But at least those people are trying. So more power to them.

Shelly_Marie 43F

3/8/2006 5:18 pm

youre right about those adult photos showing up first, i have always noticed that when i went browsing profiles in my area and all. I agree also that alot of ppl dont write too much in their profile, I thin AdultFriendFinder should offer tips on what to put in the profile, like topics and all and you just fill it in with whatever you want. I mean it would be a option like the profile ideas thing but you could still write your own totally if you wanted to.

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