Some thoughts on 6/6/06  

majordomobilly 47M
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6/6/2006 9:05 pm
Some thoughts on 6/6/06

Those of you who regularly or semi-regularly view my blog know that it is often times more about spirituality and mysticism than anything else. So on a date like this I can hardly pass up the chance to post something. I am in a situation where when it rains it pours so to speak. I have been chatting (and a bit more) with a woman who sees me as being something special in a mystical and magickal way. Only problem with this is that I think it might be an obsession. If not an obsession then there is still something about it that bothers me. She wants to keep me for herself even though we met as friends and for NSA. So damn, I just don't know. To make matters even more confusing. A friend of hers is someone that I had briefly chatted with a few months ago. The main reason for it being only a brief chat was that I figured she was totally out of my league. Well it turns out she isn't and in some ways I have more in common with her than the Mystical Magickal one. And while I am at it let me add that a friend that is VERY perceptive about such matters warned me to stay away from number one. Reason being that she was dangerous in a mystical way.
To Be Continued....

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