Psychics, Mediums & Empaths .....Oh My  

majordomobilly 48M
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5/19/2005 7:12 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Psychics, Mediums & Empaths .....Oh My

3 terms to describe 3 different things, but they are all related. Add Wicca, Druidism, etc. at least some practisioners. They all follow the same energy. Call it what you will they all use the same energy.
The thing that I find most interesting is that this is also a sexual energy. And when 2(or more) people who share an understanding of this energy get together amazing things can happen. Maybe total connection on a deep level. But that doesn't really describe it, more like an overlap. Like mind reading on a totally different level.
HHHMMMM .....not sure what else to say for now so I will just leave it there. Maybe someone else will understand

no_strings_grrl 44F

5/19/2005 7:44 pm

I am an empath and I think I know what you mean.

Of course, my the- calls it codependency, but what the fuck ever.

Anyway, whether I like it or not, I tend to tap into some people's mental energy and often find myself unable to pull myself away from someone in pain. I've jumped down into the pits over and over to rescue many a soul-with-a-hole, for lack of a better term.

Oh, I know. Trust me, I know. You cannot ever truly rescue someone. Or change them. Or control them. But I am what I am, and I do what I do...I'm an empath, and I've learned to accept it.

performer1978 38M
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5/19/2005 8:10 pm

I am the most misunderstood psychic in all of history i think, I was telling a woman in upstate n.y. (oneonta) about upcoming events, gave her proof, gave a roomfull of atleast 1000 people in a roots concert proof.this woman stood 20 feet behind me the whole show saying to a friend he's definately stalking me, while the whole time i was standing next to this guy watching him because I knew something bad was about to happen. He collapsed and I moved the whole crowd back. The spotlight was on me, but still no-one wants to believe me. that incident happened atleast a yr. into the story. I work at a hospital and the gossip had spread their, no one told me but I knew they knew. They wanted proof so I started walking toward patients rooms seconds before the would hit their call light, but to them there had to be some logical explination. this stretches back to about a yr and a half ago and it involves me seeing people die infront of me, someone very close committing suicide, praying to god and then all sorts of psychic dreams about this woman. For some reason I could never communicate to her whereas I can talk to anyone else with ease,so I started text messaging her all these "CRAZY THINGS" then everytime she would start to believe its the truth, someone else would talk her out of it. People dont understand that I can feel the emotions of others so strong at times that some nights when I'm at a bar i can barely contain I'm moving to N.Y.C. to get as far away from this as possible and I told her that I would prove this to her from their. My friend told me that they think it was over eye contact, cause I allways know when I will see her, he said others think I'm listening at all times and that theyve told him that they dont understand how i can hear them over such loud music and that they think I can hear them from 400 ft away. The hospital is getting so paranoid that they put cameras in, but only on my floor (im not paranoid) I wave at the cameras and smile. everywhere I go people stare at me and if I dont look back they will yell things like "SEE Hes stalking everyone" It's rediculous. all this over a woman who was dating a heroin junky at the time all these visions, dreams and occasionally telepathic moments began. I'm an entertainer and aspiring actor so a lot of people think it was all some kind of sick joke, others think I'm a scumbag and some think I'm totally insain.
theirs much more to this story if you want to know it im at

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