Egypt and the Soul  

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6/9/2005 8:31 pm

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Egypt and the Soul

Sorry for boring those that actually wait for me to post something. I follow my instincts..and sometimes that means not having the chance or reason to write.
But here I am now once again.

EGYPT. Egypt, hhmmmm, what an interesting place. It has been my experience that there are a number of "gifted" people who have an attraction to Egypt in some way. Be it the gods and goddesses, or the culture, or actually wanting to go there, or memories.
It makes one start to wonder about things....
Contrary to popular opinion, it wasn't just the royality and high officials that got mummified, it was just about anyone that could afford it. Sort of like country clubs today...only less exclusive. The idea behind the practice was to preserve the body for the afterlife. Maybe in doing so the some how preserved the soul also, allowing it to come back.

something to think about

The path to self discovery can be hard, but the trip is rewarding....

juju34single 46F

6/9/2005 10:39 pm

Now if one were to contemplate alternate religions and their philosophies on reincarnation and karmic debt, it would make good sense to put stock in memories per se as past life memories.
Not everyone believes this way, and I am not saying you should if you don't.

I am not saying that if everyone were to regress, they would find out they used to be a pharoh, ot the daughter of one, but it would be a fair guess that for those that do believe in this, that there has been at least one past life seated in this 'womb of civilization'.

If it isn't that, it could be the amazing things they did in an age when horsepower literally meant horses and the backs of humans.
It could be the Gds and Gddesses, the awesome aspect of perfected balance between the male and female godheads.
Or, one thing in particular was that women weren't treated as objects of ownership as they are now in that area of the world.
Ofcourse, the male aspect was more dominant, but the female was looked at as the Vessel of Life, treated with at least respect, because of the fact that life literally begins within. In some cases, treated as the Goddess incarnate, especially when she was with child. (unless you were a slave. )

No, I was watching something on the Discovery channel, and it was cool. It was a mummified woman, no man present, so I am guessing she was rich in her own right.
Her burial tomb was a pyramid, but it was inverted, and her burial chamber was at the very base of the tip, which was the very base of the structure. Her sarcoughagi was filled with a concoction of certian resins and essential oils, and her whole body was immersed in it. Over the thousands of years she had been buried, the oils and resins left traces, but I can't remember if it was in quantity, or in residue...but she wasn't royalty. Just had a husband that loved her alot.

Gods this is long. When I get going on an idea, I don't know how much I have said until I re-read it for errors. I will stop now.

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kabil2000 48M
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