Age and Experience...or how more young are aware  

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5/29/2005 9:37 pm

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Age and Experience...or how more young are aware

There is a group of people or a general heading that some use, called Indigos. These are people who are 'aware' or sense the world around themselves differently than the normal person would. Mainly you will find "Indigo Kids" as they style themselves the largest amount of them seem to be in the 24 and under crowd. More people are being born aware than not it would seem anymore....
But there are some people that are older who also identify themselves as Indigos. Personally I have met folks in their 40's that call themselves Indigos. Tho the older you are the less chance of being an Indigo there is....
I'm not sure what to make of these people. I won't deny the fact that they are "unique" beings. Not what I would call human anymore. But I wonder if they are a group unto themselves, like Empaths, Witches, etc. Or if they are people who haven't figured out where they fit in yet.
Any Comments?

rm_Elysia2005 43F
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5/29/2005 10:37 pm

Indigos are supposed to have started showing up in the last 20 years or so... followed by the Crystal Children, then the Rainbow Children. But there is overlap; there is no saying that the Indigos were born between, say, 1980 and 1995, then 1996-200 was Crystals, or whatever. I myself have an Indigo who is about to turn 10, a Crystal who is 8.5, and a Rainbow who will be 4 in October. Quite an adventure, if you ask me.

I'm not sure that anyone over about 25 is truly an Indigo, so much as a more "normal" person that has been, on some level, trained or self-taught to be more aware. There's also, arguably, a genetic component. Or rather, whether by nature or nurture, often people within a family have a stronger tendency toward intuition, healing, psychic ability, or other manifestations of this awareness. For example, while I doubt either of us can be truly called an Indigo, my sister (36) and I (31) both have some degree of psychic ability. We are both healers and Light-Bearers, she is a medium and spiritual advisor, and I have an edge over my social work peers that I can never name, but will always put into practice. That's not exploitation, that's using what I've been given, for the purpose it was given me.

Was that enough of a comment? LOL

juju34single 46F

6/9/2005 11:11 pm

Maybe as children we were told that we had over active imaginations?

When I was very young, I thought everyone could see the vibrant colors that surrounded people. For about 3.5 years I could, and when I started being able to verbalize more, my Mother said I had an overactive imagination when I told her about the colors.
I had it to the point where I could actually 'taste' the colors and tell if someone was good or bad.
If my mom would have believed me, I would have been saved some bad pain as a child.
My earliest memory is when I was about 9 months old, I was in a big yellow cart, like the kind that newspapers used to be hauled around in. My babysitter delivered newspapers and would take me with her to do her job.
I was born in 1970, born aware of things 'normal' people couldn't see, sense, understand. I have a overactive empathy level, spontaneously remote see, can sometimes think of someone only to have them call either within minutes, or within the day, and when I was a kid, if I thought of things I did, especially if they were rule breaking things, I got in trouble no matter how I tried to hide it. (Was told that I was a transmitter/receiver) but with no one to help, it was unguided and lacked my strength to command it, so it slipped into spontaneous/uncontrolled.
My mom didn't do drugs when she was pregnant either. lol

I have 4 kids, and three of them are also pretty energy sensitive. The one that doesn't seem overly sensitive has his moments too though.
Setting a timeline on a 'group' of people that is so hard to define is like saying that there is no such thing as a person that full body double jointed.
I am not saying that I am, or that I am not.
Just that anything is possible, so don't put a label on timelines until it is a proven fact.

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