Enjoying a MFM date  

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11/22/2005 10:50 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Enjoying a MFM date

It was better than my wet dreams.

There I was with Lin and her ex in this fine motel enjoying the expance of a king bed covered with three nude bodies. When she first asked me to consider it, I thought she was being a smart ass but soon knew she was for real when she kept telling me how her ex always wanted to play a threeway but wouldn't when they were married but now was ready. Who would have thought his phone call to Lin would end up in the three of us on this bed? I had always wanted to give a guy a try but felt odd about going after it and was afraid it would mess up my love of Lin's great pussy. But I was wrong. Her we are he is fucking her dog style and here I am on my belly, with my head bewteen her legs sucking her clit and licking his cock as he puts his meat to her and she sucks me. This is nuts but great. Then when I think it's as good as it gets he pulls out of her and into my mounth and begins fucking my lips. Then back into her again. What a night! Before it was over I tasted my first cum shot into my mouth and enjoyed my first ass fuck. Dam, I had no idea I could cum while being fucked up the ass - he was good! As final icing on the night Lin finally give me her ass to me to fuck as her ex filled her pussy. I could feel his pumping into her as I road her bottom. She was tight and he was strocking me from inside her - when I blow - I blow hard and yelled until the ex came and Lin joined in. Do I enjoy MFM action, I could not have answered that before now but the answer is yes, yes, YES!

Her ex has moved away now and I broke up with Lin but boy did they give me an education. Anyone out there interested in enjoying some MFM action? let me know - I'll be there!

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