If you're that woman...  

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7/10/2005 8:00 am

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If you're that woman...

I was thinking about you the other day. You know how it is. You’re all frustrated but don’t realize how much until it’s all over.

You let yourself into the house and made a B line for the kitchen where I was just about to make dinner. I didn't get far though. You walked into the room all dressed up and looking gorgeous as usual. You were wearing that figure hugging dress I like. You know the one. When you toss your head back and laugh you push your hips forward…and if I look hard enough, I can see the outline of your lacy knickers through it, tracing the line from your pussy all the way up to the top of your hips.

Your legs looked great as usual. I couldn’t wait to bury my head between them. And those nipples were just beginning to stick out and become noticeably harder as we started to chat. You obviously had the same idea as me. I was thinking about a nice slow tongue fuck. I brushed up against you as you as you de stressed for the day. Telling me all your worries and woes. That’s it get it all off your chest and relax I thought. I didn’t say anything; my tongue would have enough to do.

I gave you a hug and you moaned a little. I squeezed you a little tighter and pushed my groin against your leg and my thigh against your pussy. Applying a little pressure against you and releasing again. I started to run my hands down your back massaging as I go as I was rubbing and pushing against your pussy with my body. You began to push back. I started to kiss your neck, moving up to lightly run my tongue around your earlobe. Your breathing got heavy; I could tell you were getting hot. You wanted it and I couldn’t wait to give it to you. But I’d take my time, tasting you, smelling you, feeling you and savoring every moment. Working my way down your neck I licked and nibbled and bit you ever so softly. You were getting increasingly aggressive as you got aroused and you began kissing me back. Slowly but firmly at first. It wasn’t long though until you let go and hurriedly making your way round to my lips you were soon sucking on my tongue and gasping for breath as you pulled me closer and held me as tight as you could. I responded by pushing you against the wall and kissing you passionately and forcefully. Holding your head in both hands as I pushed my lips against yours and probed your warm wet mouth with my tongue. I let go and ran my hands down your body, god you feel good I remember saying to myself. I wanted my tongue in you so bad.

I pulled at the hem of your dress. By this time although short enough anyway, it had ridden up in line with your pussy. I pulled it up further just to make sure it wasn’t getting in the way of what I had in mind. I ran my fingers along the seam of your knickers, sliding them under and skimming your lips as I went. I was stroking you gently but you were in no mood for hanging about and told me to slip a couple of fingers inside you. You stared straight into my eyes. So I stared straight back as I pulled your underwear to one side and stroked you up and down until your lips parted. You were soaking wet. My fingers slipped right inside and I began to push them in and out, in and out nice and slow. Your eyes closed and you tilted your head back. I started to nibble your neck as I slipped my fingers in and out.

Just then the phone rang and broke my concentration...I'd pick this up where left off soon enough.

Portsony 49F
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7/10/2005 10:48 am

oach!!!! i am wet. can't wait tohave inside me

rm_jayR63 59F
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7/10/2005 2:30 pm

doesn't this belong in the magazine stories?

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