Underneath the lamplight  

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Underneath the lamplight

My favorite and more private pastime takes place in public too. For instance, I’ll be at a swimming pool, lying on one of the chairs, sort of by myself, preferably next to a storage bin or something to obscure the view at least from one side. I’ll be wearing one of my short-legged swimsuits - one-piece or, preferably, a bikini (easier to remove, either part, though in this case the attention is on the bottom). I never shave, so when I spread my legs even a little, and of course I will, some or maybe more of my hair will be showing. I practiced that in front of the mirror. That is the point, I want it to be noticed. And inevitably guys will come by and do a double-take seeing what I am displaying. Mind you, all I am displaying is the gusset of my bikini bottoms and a little hair, but the inference is that my pussy is right there, and available, under the crotch band of my skimpy bikini panties. Meanwhile, I enjoy lying there in the balmy weather, feeling as if all the sun’s rays are aimed directly at my pussy, or at least at the thin material hiding my pussy. I may have already casually arranged another deckchair next to mine, but facing me, so that a guy would be sitting approximately even with my knees. That is, if one invites himself to keep me company and I accept. There is always at least one attractive guy around the pool, especially in a hotel or on a cruise ship. Once he sits down, he has a splendid view of course, especially after I spread my legs just a little more, as encouragement, to let him see that I know full well what I am doing. All he sees between my legs is my suit bottom with hair sprouting out from underneath on both sides. But it is clear that my pussy is there, underneath, hidden from his view by just a scrap of cloth. Especially since earlier I surreptitiously ran my finger up and down along my bikini panty to press it into the groove of my pussy. So its contour is clearly visible and little is left to the imagination. The illusion is enhanced by the suggestive print pattern of my bikini: it shows the words Kiss Me printed in black in various sizes all over, with a pair of red lips added here and there, including on my contoured crotch, as well as on my nipples. If an acceptable guy considers that an invitation, well ok! Sometimes I’ll help things along, if I see him glancing at my still almost completely hidden pussy, by asking:

“Enjoying the view?”
“The view from here is just splendid.”
“What strikes you so?”
“You are obviously a natural blonde, wanting to be kissed.”
“What makes you think I’m a natural blonde?”
“I can’t be totally sure yet, but all the hair I can see seems to be blonde.”
“All of it? I hope you can’t see all of it yet!” (The yet tells him that there is a chance he may see more later).
“I think I can see pretty much all of it, especially if you open a little wider.”
“Why would I do that?”
“To let me see a little more blonde.”
“How about this?”
I opened my legs a fraction more.
“I can see some more, and it is still all blonde.”
“It could be that I dye my hair all over.”
“Could be, but I doubt it, I don’t see any dark roots.”
“Are you sure?”
“Let me look closer.”
As he bends over to inspect my pussy hair close up, I open my legs wider for him. He takes a deep breath while his head is now close to my pussy.
“How’s that?”
“I like the sexy aroma, but I don’t see any dark roots.”
“Well, you were right, I am all blonde.”
“A nicely fragrant blonde at that.”
“You were close enough to follow the suggestion . . ..”
“Which suggestion was that?”
“I hope you can read!”
“I thought I would leave that for a place less public. Are you disappointed?”
“I’ll correct my oversight.”
Nobody else was close, so I had left my legs in the same position. But now I close them, saying:
“Naughty, naughty!”
“I thought you were the naughty one.”
“Why is that?”
“All your actions. You were freely displaying your blondness, you are wearing a suggestive bikini, you let me come kissably close to your intimate blonde hairs. I knew you were a blonde, of course, but I just had to make sure. Do you know that you have tan lines there? I could see white skin.”
He had not touched me yet, but this is my chance. I am aching for his fingers to feel me up, feel my intimate hairs and more.
“Oh yes? How high up? Show me.”
I spread my legs again, like before. He lightly strokes my skin high up, touching the hairs on both sides.
”Around here. You should put some lotion on it.”
“Just happen to have some here, why don’t you help me?”
“My pleasure.”
I hand him the tube and he says: “Such a nice phallic symbol.”
“You would notice something like that.”
“Obviously, though that sharp top might hurt some tender spots.”
“Not to worry, I do have better ones, shaped more appropriately.”
“With you?”
“No, I did not think I might need it here. Besides, it is kind of public for that.”
“Oh, I’d shield you from view.”
“I bet you would.”
He takes the tube and squeezes some on his fingers, saying: “ Of course, this has a phallic advantage too.”
“And how is that?”
“When you squeeze the end, white stuff comes out.”
“You think of everything.”
“One more thing, why don’t you hand me that pillow you have under your head.”
“So I can put it underneath your rear end to raise the area I am going to be putting the white stuff on. That way I’ll be sure to get it all and not miss anything.”
I give him the pillow, saying#x201D; This way you’re not going to miss much, that’s for sure. But I’ll miss seeing what you’re doing without that pillow under my head.”
“You’re going to be able to feel plenty. Just close your eyes and pretend to be in bed.”
“With you and the phallic symbol between my legs.”
“Something like that.”
Soon he is rubbing between my open thighs, pretending to apply the lotion.
“Careful, don’t get any on my bikini now.”
“Just to be sure, why don’t you pull it to the side.”
I do just that, pulling the left edge, where his fingers are, a teeny bit more to the center.
“I like the way your fingers touch me there. You must be an expert in applying lotion.”
“I like it too, it makes you even more slippery than you already are,” he comments. His fingertips are stroking me very gently, making me feel very sexy.
“Oh, the way you make me feel.”
“How do I make you feel?”
“I wish I could tell you, but a girl has to be discreet. Especially when it concerns her intimate girlish parts.”
“Her wet pussy, needing to be fucked,” I think, but don’t say any more, just enjoying his fingers playing over the left side of my pussy, close to the edge of my panty crotch. Ostensibly, he is just putting lotion on, but he really is beginning to rub my outer lips.
“My intimate boyish parts feel probably much the same.”
“Wanting to fuck me,” I think, but I say: “Maybe you should lubricate the other side now.”
“Good idea,” he says, “just give me some working room there too.”
I pull that side to the center some, leaving the other side where it was. The strip covering my crotch is getting very narrow.
“It does not really seem to need more lubrication,” he comments.
“Please do me, though, I don’t want to be uneven, and I may need the lotion. Besides it feels wonderful.”
“Ok, I thought you’d like that.”
After he rubs that side for a while, I say: “I think you need to rub both sides at the same time now.”
“You have such good ideas.”
He lifts my left leg over his, so that he is now sitting in between mine, now far apart. I bend my left leg, to give myself some cover from any prying eyes at that side, trying to find out what is going on. For now I want this to be just between him and me. After he has proved his worth, we might think of letting others in on the pussy treatment.
“Now I can reach you with both hands.”
I can feel his hands around my upper thighs, his thumbs rubbing me left and right, over my exposed areas, next to my scrunched-up panty crotch. He knows what he is doing and soon he is pushing my sides towards the middle, causing my lips to squeeze my clitoris between them, and pulsing rhythmically with his thumbs without actually going underneath my panties. I am feeling myself getting hotter and hotter.
“I feel so at ease with you, spreading my legs for you, letting you put lotion on my private area.”
“You look beautiful like this, so relaxed. I love the way you expose yourself where you want me to rub you, I mean put lotion on.”
“That feels so exciting, to be rubbed that way. A girl does not often meet a man who knows how to do a good job of touching her most intimate parts, the parts that make her a woman. I feel that I am literally in your hands and your hands make me feel so good, so trusting.”
He continues rubbing both sides against the middle, saying: “Should I not do the center as well?”
I can hardly wait for him to do that, but I said: “Is the skin there white too?”
“I don’t know, it’s still covered up, but I suspect it is more pink, certainly not tanned.”
“Don’t you think it will be all right to leave it that way?”
“Depends on how much you want to expose.”
“It’s hard to tell what I would want to do later, but that might be inside, or out of the sun.”
“I usually do a thorough job and I think you should take no chances.”
“Maybe I should do that myself.”
“I thought you trusted me?”
“But would I not take chances if I let you rub me there?”
“Am I not already rubbing you, indirectly, like this?”
“And you are doing such a good job of it too.”
“Should you not leave it to the expert?”
“What will happen if I let you do it?”
“I think you might feel your temperature rise, but it wouldn’t be sunburn.”
“Don’t you have a fire extinguisher to handle that?”
“I certainly do, but I can’t use it out here.”
“How can I be sure?”
He takes my hand and places it in his crotch, where I do feel a very sturdy extinguisher indeed.
“Oh, that feels like it would do a very good job.”
“You would be very pleased, I am sure, if you would need it.”
“A girl can’t be too careful you know, I have been left in flames before.”
“Must have been inexperienced firemen, selfishly shooting their extinguishers too fast, too soon. That won’t happen with me. I will see to it that you will be completely satisfied. I won’t be satisfied until you are. I have never had any complaints.”
“So you have experience with this?” I ask, giving him a squeeze.
“Most certainly. I think we both have experience. But I should test how hot you are first.”
I put his hand on my pussy, over the bikini.
“Hot enough?”
“Very promising,” he says, “now to measure you for a good fit.”
I know what he means to do, but I don’t say anything and keep my legs opened, giving him tacit permission..
He actually pulls my bikini aside, baring my pussy to his eyes.
“Careful, there are people around.” I say, indicating I am more concerned with other people seeing me than being exposed to him.
“I’m making sure they can’t see, the way I am sitting I am shielding you.”
“Well, I guess ok then.”
“From what I see, all your hair here is blonde, and you skin is pink. A little lotion?”
“Might as well finish the job.”
“I am far from finished with you, and you know it,” he says as he spreads some more lotion over my wet pussy. “The lotion is just the beginning.”
“I hope so,” I say, while his finger sinks deeply inside me.
I pull my crotch band back over my pussy, giving the impression of decency, but leaving his finger in place, his hand now underneath the fabric.
“A little tight, but my pole will stretch you so we’ll fit together.”
“Maybe we should do that in a fitting room, somewhere private, like my quarters?”
“That will be much better for what I have in mind.”
“And what might that be?”
“I haven’t even begun to use my tongue yet.”
“Is that a promise?”
“If you promise to produce a lot of honey for me to taste.”
“I don’t think you have to worry about that. How about if my roommate is there, or comes in?”
His finger is still moving in and out of me.
“Depends, will she be cool to this?”
“Sure, or maybe she’ll even be very hot.”
“Is she as sexy as you?”
“Maybe more so.”
“That’s not possible, but ok. In that case, we could both help her get in the same state you are now and tell her to get in line. You can help me take care of her after I service you. Would she be game for that?”
“That wouldn’t surprise me.”
I can still feel him inside me, only now there are two fingers, wriggling back and forth.
“If you keep this up, I’ll explode.”
“Would you like that?”
“I’d rather explode under your tongue.”
“Would you not rather my fire extinguisher made you explode?”
“I am sure you will have no trouble arranging for another climactic explosion.”
“Which I will extinguish with a volcanic one of my own. I’ll mix my extinguisher fluid with your honey.”
His fingers inside me, still wriggling the back and forth, are driving me crazy, and I tell him so.
“Would you like a little explosion here first?”
“That is inevitable if you keep that up.”
“And I will.”
“Meanwhile, tell me what your tongue will do to me, in detail, before I explode.”
“I will lay you down, in your favorite place.”
“On my bed.”
“Then I will position you so you will feel as much of my tongue as much as possible.”
“And how will that be?”
“On your back, with that pillow under your hips to raise you up more.”
“And I will open my legs like I do now, only more, and pull them up, to be more available, so I’ll be very accessible to your tongue.”
“Before you do that I’ll have to remove your bikini bottom.”
“Of course, nothing should be in the way.”
“And I’ll tell you to remove your top, so I can see all of you.”
“Oh, and I will, I want you to see all of me.”
“You’ll be all naked.”
“I hope so, and I hope you will be too, so I can see that extinguisher of yours.”
‘I will and then you can. I’ll kneel between your legs . . .”
“My wide open, welcoming legs.”
“. . . and lean forward, so I can see you up close and study you, even more intimately then I did here.”
“Study me as long as you want, I like being on display like that.”
“I shall have to touch you during my study, you will feel my fingers on your lips and all your intimate nooks and crannies.”
“You’re being pretty intimate already.”
“But then there will be nothing to hide you from me, no panties or anything.”
“My naked lips, deliciously displayed. Or was that lasciviously?”
“Or salaciously? That is just to prime you for my extinguisher, if that will be necessary.”
“You’ll just have to keep studying me and feeling me to find out.”
“Seems you have done this before.”
“Done what?”
“Displayed yourself for a man.”
“I should be discreet…..”
“You can trust me, like trusting my finger inside yourself.”
“Well, since I can trust you, I’ll tell you yes, I have displayed myself to other men before.”
“In bed?”
“No, also in a car for instance.”
“Lying naked in a car?”
“The time that I remember best I was in the front seat, with my skirt pulled up, while I pulled my panties aside, much like I did here with you, but more so. I wanted to tease him by showing what was available for him, what he was going to get.”
“What happened then?”
“I showed him my most intimate parts while he was driving, and began to play with myself.”
“How did you play with yourself?”
“I did not have my toy, so I used my fingers, much like you are doing now, only it was out in the open, and I spread my intimate parts open for him, not covered by my panties.”
“What did he do?”
“He took out his pole.”
“Then what?”
“He soon he found a quiet place to pull over. I remember I was quite hot and anxious for him to touch me, and did he ever. I opened myself up for him again and then his fingers worked miracles and I soon exploded.”
“Then what happened?”
“I made his fire extinguisher explode in my mouth.”
“When you display your intimate parts for me, all naked, I shall use my fingers to open you up, see your wet pinkness, soft and succulent right there in front of me. My tongue will then begin to gather the honey I find there.”
“I shall help you open me up, using my own fingers, so you can use yours elsewhere.”
“Even better, now I can direct my hands higher, to feel what you were hiding under your top, reach for the pink or red strawberries I am sure to find there.”
“The strawberries will be standing up, awaiting your touch, knowing it will be wonderful after my experience with your touch putting the lotion between my legs.”
“I shall be just as gentle.”
“Not too gentle, I can stand a little forcefulness there.”
“If your roommate is there, we’ll tell her to kiss them, or suck on them. Would you like that?”
“As long as you continue with your licking me like you were, it would add to the pleasure.”
“Would she like it?”
“I think so, if you promise to lick her like you did me later.”
“You mean her intimate parts need licking too?”
“I would think so, after she watched us in action.”
“I will like licking your intimate parts first.”
He starts pumping his fingers in and out of me faster and I begin to buck a little from the excitement.
“I’m going to explode, but I am always very loud when I do.”
“You must be very quiet here, or I’ll put my other hand over your mouth.”
“You may have to, here it comes.”
“Let it come, now.”
“Oh, oh, oh, now, I can’t hold it any longer, I have to.”
He puts his hand over my mouth while I have my climactic shudders. I try to shout, telling him not to mind all the people around, just to fuck me, all the while moving my pussy up and down against his movements. And then I come, gloriously, and relax. He takes his fingers out and smiles at me.
“How was that?”
“The best, and you say this is only the beginning?”
“Definitely, for you and maybe your girlfriend.”
“If she’s there, you should first inspect her to see if she needs suntan lotion, like I did.”
“I’ll put it on her, while you watch.”
”But not before you are through with your tongue treatment on me.”
“And not before you have your explosion around my fire extinguisher.”
“Will you have enough left for her?”
“You two will just have to work on me, to get me to refill myself.”
“And how do we go about that?”
“Perhaps if I apply lotion to her, thoroughly, and then inspect her, or maybe I should inspect her first, before the lotion.”
“I’ll tell her to display herself to you very closely, while you lie on you back, and open herself up for you when you need to see more.”
“That should help a lot.”
“And I shall be manipulating your soft extinguisher, trying to make it hard again. I’ll use my mouth and my fingers on you. Picture that with at the same time her kneeling over you, astride your face, so you can examine her really well.”
“That will be an interesting experience, both of you working on me.”
“By the way, you can tell us apart: she’s a brunette.”
“You’ll find out.”
“Of course, my inspection, so I can tell whose intimate parts I am studying.”
“Should I go find her now?”
“No, I’d rather the two of us finish first, that way I can really give it to you without any distractions.”
“Not even the distraction of a sexy brunette?”
“Or a redhead even. If she comes in while we’re going at it, we’ll deal with it then, but otherwise I want to give you top service with my tongue and my extinguisher.”
“I like to be serviced and I always need it a lot. After your finger service under my panties the prospect of you servicing me fully without any panties is very promising.”
“I am already picturing you . . .
“On my back, no more panties in the way . . .
“Legs spread, pillow under your . . .
“That pillow is really an exciting idea, I will be really accessible to you, my intimate parts on display for you, ready for your tongue and later for your extinguisher.”
“And I shall make good use of it.”
“Make good use of me, you mean. Use me that way, use my secret parts for what they were intended, service me, make me squeal, make me surrender.”
“Your secret parts will not be secret anymore.”
“And I won’t want them to be secret.”
“And I shall be looking into your eyes, seeing your passion.”
“And I shall be begging you for more of it.”
“Of course, I can look into your eyes only during my final service.”
“When you douse my flames with your sturdy extinguisher.”
“Yes, and I will be seeing you in the throes of ecstasy. Shouting out loud, like you tried to do earlier.”
“This time you’ll be able to understand me, I hope.”
“What will you be shouting?”
“Oh, things like: take me, stretch my channel, deeper, harder, and assorted expressions I cannot utter here, being a lady and all.”
“You’ll still be a lady inside.”
“Sure, but I’ll be able to say what I want and need.”
“And I shall stretch your channel, and move into you deep and hard when I take you and make you mine, make you surrender and submit to my mighty extinguisher by admitting it in it’s right place, just where you want it. I may utter some words that you as a lady do not want to listen to now.”
“Of course not now, but then I’ll be more turned on listening to you.”
“But, when you submit to me, you will temporarily stop being a lady and become suitably foul-mouthed. And I would not want it any other way.”
“Me neither, that adds so much to the pleasure, being able to let myself go and hear you express yourself. It will make me feel like what, in my heart, I really am.”
“And what might that be?”
“A slut, a bitch in heat, begging for it all the time.”
“Was that how you felt when I made you explode with my fingers?”
“Oh yes, I did and I still feel that way.”
“You still feel like a slut?”
“Maybe I am one. There is nothing I would rather do than have you pull down my panties and let me have it with your pole, in full view of everybody here.”
“Does your roommate know about this side of you?”
“She’s even worse then I am, she’s always ready to drop her panties for a guy.”
“How do you know?”
“She tells me everything, even what happens when she is with a guy. We have also shared at times.”
“Like maybe you are going to share me today?”
“Absolutely, if you are game.”
“I’m all for it, but as I said, only after I am through giving you my pole.”
“Your pole may be getting quite a workout!”
“It will be a pleasure!”
Since his fingers had left my pussy, my hand strays southwards and I reach under my bikini bottoms from the top, feeling through my blonde hair, to reach the spot he had so recently visited. Even though I had exploded, I am still hot.
“What are you doing?” he asks.
“Feeling if your explorations left me any wider than before.”
I am rubbing my clit and he can clearly see that.
“I think that I have shrunk back to my old size, you’ll have to stretch me some more later.”
“That time I’ll use my pole. I’m planning on giving you a thorough stretching, you slut.”
“Wouldn’t it be nice if I could take my panties off now and do this in full view of everybody?”
“Are you an exhibitionist at heart?”
“It’s not my heart I like to exhibit.”
“Well, you could show me what it is then.”
“You have already seen most all of it.”
“But not while you are playing with yourself. That’s what you are doing, isn’t it?”
“Well, ok, sit close so they can’t see and pull my panties aside.”
That he does and he leans over to look closely at me frigging myself.
“Do you like seeing me do that?” I ask him.
“You’re so hot.”
“I\My exhibitionist self likes showing it to you.”
“That makes you even hotter, a real slut.”
“Isn’t that what I am supposed to be with men around?”
“What do you mean: hotter or a real slut?”
“How about a real hot slut?”
“Now you are talking. Put your finger in there.”
“In where?” I ask, innocently.
“The same place I had my finger a while ago, when you exploded.”
“Would a lady do that?”
“Certainly a lady who shows a gentleman how she can frig herself while he is pulling her panties aside.”
“Not ladylike, is it?”
“But you suspended being a lady already a while ago, now you are a slut.”
I put two fingers into myself, saying: “Like this?”
“Very good, real slut-like.”
With him seeing to it that my pussy is now fully exposed I start pumping myself, in and out, getting hotter by the minute.
“Do you want to see me explode again?”
“Very much, if you will have enough left to do it again with my finger later.”
“And your tongue, and your extinguisher.”
“OK then, go for it.”
It does not take long, knowing how exposed I am, and with him watching my every move, that I begin to climax again.
“Cover my mouth, will you, before I start saying things.”
“Unladylike things?”
“Oh yes, please stop me while I explode.”
His hand is now covering my mouth and I feel free to shout into it, express all manner of obscenities, certain that no one will hear them, although I would love to be able to let them hear.
“Oh, that was so good,” I say when I am finished and he removes his hand. “Better replace my panty crotch to where it should be now.”
That he does and I am outwardly decent again, though inwardly I feel like a slut who needs more fucking.
“You don’t know this yet, but these panties are reversible.”
“Oh yes, how is that?
“Just fold back the top and see.”
That he does, baring the pussy hair growing on my lower belly.
“Blonde there too, I see.”
“Of course, once a blonde, all over a blonde. Haven’t you ever seen a blonde woman naked before?”
“Not one that was naturally blonde I think, but it may have been dark some times.”
“You don’t remember.”
“The color of a lady’s hair is not always the most important thing.”
“What is, pray tell?”
“It may be her readiness to be available, or accessible.”
“Well, I think I am. Just see what’s on the inside of my panties.”
As he sees, instead of Kiss Me in larger print, the inside has fuck me in small print all over, very close together, white print on a blue background.
“Wow,” he says “that is something else. Even better than the outside.”
“Will you help me turn my panties inside out after I take them off so I can wear them that way?”
“Any time, you slut.”
”I love you calling me names.”
With him shielding me, sort of, and looking sharply at what I am doing, I pull my panties down all the way and off. I open my legs widely for a couple of seconds to let him see, and then close them again. I hand him the panties, saying: “Do your job.”
He takes his time and leisurely turns them inside out, so that the fuck me side is out. I pull my feet up towards him to let him slip the panties over them and then pull them up all the way. Decent again, at least up to a point, but my exhibitionist self makes me wants to parade around in them and I tell him.
“The print is pretty fine and the guys will all be looking at your boobs anyway I guess. Let’s do it. Where shall we go? Around the pool and back here?”
“Well, I thought around the pool to the other side and down the hall to my room. That ok with you?”
“The way I am feeling now, yes, more than ok.”
“Can you walk?”
“I’ll take that pillow to hide my excitement.”
While we are strolling around, I say: “And if any of them read what it says, and see us going that way, they’ll know exactly what we are going there for.”
“And what would that be?”
“Putting out the fire.”
“Yes. Would it turn you on to know that some of them are thinking about what we are doing while we are in your room?”
“Most definitely!”
“Then we should make sure that we get close enough to some of them that they can read it.”
“Maybe it will give the girls ideas too . . .”
We walk very close to some groups and I am pretty sure the guys are reading my message. I see them whispering to each other and also to the girls, who have of course spotted it long before the guys did.
“What if they follow us?” he asks.
“Who? The guys or the girls?”
“I was thinking about the guys, but maybe the girls too, or perhaps both. . . .”
“Then they’ll just have to wait outside the door until we are finished, but I don’t think that will happen. They all seem to have their own partners. Besides, how long would they have to wait?”
“Probably quite a while.”
“It also depends on you ‒ how long you want to keep going.”
“I think you’ll wear out before I do.”
“Don’t count on it.”
“Certainly of my roommate shows up and you have to service both of us.”
“My powers of recuperation are legendary.”
“Are they now? Here’s my place. Let’s see if you are bragging.”
“Or you of course.”
“Is this going to be a contest about who can last the longest?”
“Better not. You can fake it more easily then I can. But we shall both be honest, I hope.”
By now we are inside my room.
“I promise not to fake it. I never have had to in the past and I am not about to start now. Make yourself at home.”
“Best offer I have had all day, and from such a sexy lady.”
“Just remember, I am a lady.”
“I know, a lady turning into a slut and an exhibitionist.”
“That was outside. Now we are inside and there is no one watching me.”
“What about me? I am watching you?”
“You have already seen or felt most all of me, certainly where I feel most intimate. Don’t you have enough yet?”
“I told you, I am just beginning.”
“That’s what I was hoping you’d say.”
I turned my back to him in invitation and felt him undoing the hooks of my top. When it was loose, I turned around and faced him, holding my top up against my boobs.
“If that’s not what you wanted, I’ll put if back the way it was.”
“Don’t you dare!”
“A lady would have protested more, but this is better. More like the slut you want to be, deep down inside.”
“I thought you wanted to be deep down inside me.”
“Yes, to find that slut.”
“How dare you!”
“Dare what?”
“Make me out a slut.”
“Would a lady expose her tits to a gentleman?”
“Oh, such language! I am not exposing anything.”
“You will after you give me that top. Does it have writing inside too?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
“Are you going to give it to me or shall I take it from you?”
“Going to play rough now?”
“I think the lady is ready to surrender her top, for starters, and let me see her tits.”
“And what will you do?”
“Look at them.”
“Is that all?”
“For starters, before I maul them with both my hands and suck those strawberries we talked about.”
I lower my top and hand it to him. He looks at the inside, finds it is blank and tosses it over a chair.
“Well, look at my tits then.”
He stands and stares at my naked boobs.
“Are you just going to stand there? Remember, you promised.”
He reaches out and takes them in his hands. His thumbs rub my nipples.
“My pleasure.”
“Mine too, you should know.”
His hands begin to squeeze me more firmly.
“You said you liked it rough there.”
“Yes, I like my titties played with hard. Makes them swell up more.”
“I can see that, or better, feel that. Your tits are great.”
We finally kiss, while he mauls me more.
He whispers in my ear: “Remember our program?”
“How was that again?”
“First my fingers, then my tongue, and finishing you off by stretching you with my pole.”
“We have done your fingers, they were wonderful. Why don’t we go to the next stage?”
“My tongue? On your tits?”
“I would like it there too, but a little lower would suit me much more now.”
“Do you want to sit down in that armchair?”
“Is that what a lady would do?”
“Yes, because then the gentleman can kneel in front of her.”
“To apply his tongue?”
“Now you’re catching on. Maybe you are a slut after all.”
“Let me go sit down. Tell me how you want me.”
“Expose the area that the lady will want to feel a gentleman’s tongue caressing her now.”
I sit down in the armchair and put my legs over the arm rests.
“Like this?”
“Would you like me to treat your fuck me panties?”
“Yes, but better yet, let’s take them off.”
I lowered my bikini and slipped it off over my feet, for the second time, but I do not put it back on.
“Now you are all naked and you look beautiful.”
”Enough talk. Put your tongue to work.”
He knelt between my open legs.
“Tell me how!”
“Suck my pussy! Now!”
“Spoken like a true slut. I love seeing you like this, all naked, displaying yourself to me, letting me see everything, all sexy and ordering me to suck your cunt.”
“A lady has a pussy . . .”
“A slut has a cunt, but I shall suck the lady’s pussy.”
And that he does, expertly. I have not been sucked like that for a long time, it feels heavenly. His hands are resting on my upper thighs with his thumbs holding open the lips of my pussy. My slutty self is coming up gradually and I find I no longer have a pussy.
“You are wonderful, you make me feel so sexy. And you’re right, I have a cunt! A hot, wet cunt, and you are licking it.”
He goes on and on, found my clitty and treated it just right. Just right for me to come. And I have to tell him!
“So good, so good, I am going to come, don’t stop, keep sucking me, suck my clit, make me come, make me one big cunt, ready for your tongue, and your fingers, and your pole. I am on fire, I am going to need the extinguisher soon. I have not felt like a cunt for such a long time. I am such a slut, I want to be a slut for you, for your tongue. So hot, my cunt is so hot, you make it so hot, give me your tongue, suck me, suck this slut, suck this slut’s cunt. Oh yes, now, now, don’t stop, suck me, I am coming, coming. . .”
I babble on for a while and he continues licking me, sucking me, until my climax ebbs away. I remain seated in the same position, open to his view.
“That was great, I have not had it that good for a long time.”
“Come, let’s rest on the bed.”
“Rest? Knowing you, there will be little rest.”
“OK, get on the bed and be ready for my pole.”
“Your cock you mean!”
“You carried on like a true slut, so now you’re going to get some cock.”
“Only some?”
“For you, slut, all of it, the whole length.”
I spread out on the bed, naked, and spread my legs again. The first thing he does is position the little pillow under me again, lifting me up where it counts for a slut.
“Remember what it said inside my panties?”
“Fuck me.”
“I think it’s time for that now.”
“Good thing you think so, because that’s what I was thinking. You got me good and hot.”
“And hard, I see,” I say, staring at his cock.
“The better to fuck you with.”
“I feel like such a slut. I barely know you, and already you fingered me to come, and licked me till I came, and now I want to be fucked by your cock too.”
“When I met you, you were such a lady, with your cunt all covered up tightly by your swimsuit.”
“And my ladylike blonde hair showing.”
“And your crotch worked into your groove. Not by accident.”
“Of course not, that was a careful arrangement.”
“Did you think you were going to get fucked?”
“I was hoping I would.”
“As a lady?”
“Yes, I never thought I would turn into such a slut.”
“How would this lady get fucked differently?”
“We would have talked, while I displayed a little more of myself, not nearly as much as I did, just enough to show you that I might be interested in more intimate action if you behaved. You would have kept your hands to yourself. You would have told me some of what you would do to me if we were alone, in gentlemanlike terms, and I would agree that something like that might be fun. You would have persuaded me to come to your room for a drink, and I would have said I preferred my own room.”
”Then what?”
“We would have a glass of wine, sitting on the bed, and you would have managed to undo my top. Then you would play with my tits for a long time, and kiss my nipples. That would make me very hot and I would not protest too much when your hands started moving higher on my legs, reaching my panties. I would have opened my legs a little for you, signaling that you were welcome there. You would have groped me a little outside my panties, noticing my wetness before you went under them to feel the wetness on my bare ladylike pussy. Then I would have suggested you take them off, as well as you own trunks. You would read the message on the inside and we would have been about where we are now.”
“Only he would not have fingered your cunt and he would not have sucked you. You would not have come.”
“Believe me, all that coming just made me hotter and more anxious to get laid.”
“You think you’re anxious to get laid . . .!”
“Poor guy, let’s get on with it then, give me that hard cock.”
“Where do you want it?”
“Right here in my cunt!
I spread my legs very wide.
“Your ladylike cunt. Here it comes”
“Oh yes, right there, I might just come right now. Fuck me deep and I will.”
He gives me a few shallow thrusts and I try to buck up against him to get closer.
“You are anxious!”
“Just fuck me hard, I need to come already.”
He lets me have it now, his cock boring into me, hard and deep.
“So good, so good, don’t stop, I’m coming, I’m coming, don’t stop . . .”
I go on, telling him how I like his fucking, how my cunt needs it, and then I come, hard. He keeps right on fucking me, more gently now.
“How did you like that, lady slut or is it slut lady?
“You are so good, I needed that, and I’m going to need more. Just call me a slut, because that’s what I feel like. This lady has needs that only a slut should know about.”
“OK slut, ready for more?”
“Give me more, I want your prick in me, putting out that fire in my cunt. Let me feel you come this time too.”
“Should I not save some for your roommate?”
“Fuck my roommate.”
“I intend to.”
“Only after you fuck me and come.”
“Like this?”
“More, more, I’m coming again, don’t stop.”
“This time you’re going to get it, slut.”
“Give it to me, make me come more, fill my cunt with it.”
“Here it is, slut lady, filling your cunt now.”
“I feel it, so good, so sexy, coming, coming . . .

The door opened and my roommate comes in, wearing a very brief bikini.
“Hey, I saw you two at the pool and wondered what all was going on.”
“This guy with his cock still inside me is Scott. He was feeling me up and good, I came twice outside, just on his fingers.”
“How did he manage that?”
“By putting his fingers inside my panties, and than inside my cunt. At one point I even had my panties off, so I could reverse them and give him the message.”
“Oh, those panties. Plenty of guys were hitting on me but then I saw you two go inside and I decided to let you have some time alone. Should I be jealous?”
“Most definitely, he got me first, I think I came three more times.
“He fingered me some more, then sucked me heavenly before he fucked me and made me come twice more.”
“I am jealous!”
“But you should try him too. He already said he would fuck you. You should start by giving him one of your famous blow jobs.’
”I’ll stop before you come, so you can really fuck me then.”
He pulls out of me and rolls on his back, a big grin on his face.
“Be my guest, get me hard again. But first show me your tits.”
“Of course, sorry I forgot.”
She takes off her top off and rubs her tits over his nose.
“Just wait till Sharon sits on your face while I suck your cock.”
I position myself so he can lick my tender parts, tender from fucking, while his cock is being tended to. I hold my lips apart to let him see my pink up close. His sucking and licking is just as good as the first time when I sat in the chair. This guy knows what he is doing and I know that he is getting an expert blow job at the same time. He’s licking me to climax and from his noises I can hear he’s close to it also.
“Stop sucking him now if you want to get a fuck.”
“Fuck me now, Scott, I’m hot and you’re hard.”
“Just the way you like me!”
I got off his face and let him climb on top of her, sinking into her deeply. She has not had time to take off her swimsuit bottom, so she holds it aside with one hand and guides his hard cock into her with the other.
“I have not had a cock like this for quite a while!”
“How long since you had any cock?”
“Yesterday afternoon, remember the guy we shared?”
“Oh, do I remember, but that was nothing compared to this!”
“”You’re so right . . .

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