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The following took place in a hotel room. N (Nora) is S (Scott)'s friend, I is the (female) interviewer.


I. The idea is to gather information on your service offering and providing sex to lonely women staying in this place. Whose idea was that?
N. It started after Scott and I had sex the first time and I jokingly suggested that we should offer his services to the lonely ladies visiting here.
I. Apparently it has become popular.
N. Quite so, I would say.
I. How frequently does it happen
S. It varies of course, but you will understand that there are natural limitations as to what I can do. That is one of the reasons why I often do only oral sex, or sometimes manual. I can have full intercourse only so often.
I. Yes, if men could only keep going as often and as long as we women would like them to.
N. And, of course, he has to same part of himself for me.
I. How long after being with a woman does he have sex with you?
N. That depends also on my schedule, when I am available, but sometimes it is right afterwards.
I. When the woman is still in the room?
N. Yes, often they are very interested in seeing Scott and I have sex and offer to help or be part of it.
I. Does that excite you, Scott?
S. Enormously, it helps me get ready faster.
N. Sometimes it excites him so much that he will do the woman again.
I. And then you again?
N. Not usually, maybe some time later that day or evening.
I. When you two are alone?
N. Yes.
I. In this room?
N. No, in Scott’s room. This room is reserved for the other ladies 'serviced' by Scott.
I. I understand that you are the one who selects the women and offers them the service. So you control how often Scott does it?
N. Yes, I would say that I do. I try to pick women who I think would be attractive to Scott and who would be attracted to him as well. And I ration him so he will have enough left over for me or his other girl friend.
I. Other girl friend, Scott?
S. She means Angela, a girl photographer who stays with me when she is in town. She is the one who got Nora and me going.
I. How was that?
N. One of my men brought them room service one day and Angela more or less seduced him right then, with Scott present. He told me about it and I had him demonstrate in an empty room, with me playing Angela. The next day I brought the room service myself and told the what I had heard and we all three wound up in bed.
I. Did you and Angela get it on too?
N. No, but I helped Scott fuck her, and she helped him fuck me, excuse my language.
I. Not to worry, we all know what fucking is.
S. So you do not just write about it?
I. No, I am also an active practitioner.
N. If you ever are lonely, just let me know and I know someone who can help you out.
I. Is he any good?
N. I think he is the best, but you should judge that for yourself.
I. Maybe sometime I will, if Scott finds me acceptable.
S. More than just acceptable, but you should come to my room and spend the night then.
I. That sound promising. But we were not talking about me.
S. Too bad.
I. To get back on the subject: any of these ever backfire?
S. Not really backfire in that they or I felt an aversion, Nora knows how to pick them, but there have been a couple who backed out because they were having second thoughts about what they were doing.
I. Is she always there?
S. Not always, It depends if she has the time, and she always asks the lady if she would like her to stay. Some do, some don’t.
I. Does it help you if she stays?
S. Yes, I think so. She is someone I know and she is very sexy.
I. I agree, she looks very sexy.
S. Is she your type?
I. No, I’m strictly for men. Does Nora ever get you two ladies together?
S. Not so far, but that’s an idea we should work on, Nora.
I. How does it work, does she just send them up and they say: “Here I am?”
S. No, she calls me first and we set a time. I go to this room and she escorts the lady here and introduces her.
I. Do you then immediately start kissing and undressing her?
S. Some start doing that by themselves, but usually we sit down and I ask them if they know what they are here for. I want to hear them say something like: Yes, for sex, or yes, to be fucked, or something like that, to confirm that they understand that they will be fucked, or whatever, before they leave.
I. What if they want to leave before they are through fucking?
S. They may leave any time they want, they are not a prisoner here, but some like to pretend that as part of a fantasy of being had against their will.
I. A fantasy?
S. You might call it that.
I. How long does a session last?
S. How long do your sessions last?
I. Depends on the guy and the circumstances. Sometimes five minutes, sometimes all day and night.
S. You mean you can come in five minutes?
I. With the right guy and if I am turned on enough. Can’t you?
S. Surely, but I hold off until the lady comes. A full fuck in five minutes?
I. Maybe just a finger fuck under my panties.
S. Do you wear fuck-me panties, like Nora does?
I. No, I don’t think so, show me Nora.
Nora stood up and lifted her skirt, showing her the lime green fuck-me panties with the see-through panel.
I. No, what a great idea, where do you get those?
N. I order them, I’ll give you the address before you leave.
I. Great, I’ll have to get me some.
S. Now let us see your panties too.
I. I thought I came here to do an interview.
S. Of course, but I am curious to see the panties under which a guy might finger fuck you.
I. OK then.
She hiked up her skirt, still sitting down and spread her legs to show Scott what she wore, lacy white bikini size panties.
S. Sexy. So you thought about having sex when you put them on this morning.
I. Why do you say that?
S. If you were not considering it, why would you have put on sexy panties?
N. Typical guy thinking, isn’t it?
I. Yes, very much.
S. So tell me.
I. It makes us feel good to know that we look sexy underneath.
S. Even no one may actually see it?
I. Oh yes. And also, when some jerk undresses us with his eyes, or makes some crude joke, we think: “if you only knew buddy how we could turn you on.”
S. So I should watch my words?
I. Well, since you have already seen my panties, I think I can let you have some leeway. Especially if I want to get the story right.
N. So you have more then one guy to fuck you?
I. Yes, but never at the same time.
S. Are you turned on now?
I. That is a leading question. Are you?
S. I take it that means you are. And yes, I am, very.
I. Does that mean I could make you come in a few minutes?
S. You could suck me dry in three minutes.
I. Does any of your ladies ever suck you?
S. Quite a few do, ask Nora.
N. Yes, I would say when I am here, most do at one point or another.
I. Do any of them want to do just that?
N. Not many, most want Scott to suck them first, or at the same time. Or they want to suck him hard again after he fucks them. Would you like to suck him?
I. Not just that, I would want the full treatment. I rarely give a blow job without anything in return.
N. For a good report, you should have the experience of having sex with Scott, so you know what it’s all about, don’t you think?
I. Are you trying to set me up with Scott?
N. How about right now? Scott is very turned on and you said you were.
S. And I noticed that your panties had a damp spot in them.
N. And you do have multiple partners.
I. So you know that I’m not exactly lonely.
N. But you are here in a hotel, away from home, alone and without a partner I think.
I. That’s true of course.
N. Would you like me to stay while you and Scott get it on?
I. Scott said he’d take me to his room and have me spend the night.
S. We can do that too, but I thought you might want to experience it right here in this room where the other ladies in your story come.
I. Come?
S. In more ways then one.
I. Well, I’m already here . . .
N. And turned on . . .
S. And wet . . .
I. I guess it would give my story a more authentic feeling, but I don’t know if I would actually include it, certainly not in detail..
S. I’ll be looking forward to reading it, either way.
N. We’ll frame your story and hang it on the wall.
I. In every room?
N. This one only I would say.
I. Apparently the ladies know that they are not the only ones getting serviced here.
S. We don’t make that a secret, but we do not blab about it either.
I. But you are looking forward to servicing me as well?
S. More than to reading your story. And I think it would be more than just servicing. But I think your story would be better if we actually did it in this room, with Nora present.
I. And helping?
S. Helping you or me?
I. Not that I need help, but . . .
S. I don’t either, but I always like it when Nora steers my cock into a pussy.
I. That sounds very sexy, I’d like to try that.
S. We’re not there yet. We should undress first.
I. I think you should undress me, while Nora undresses you.
S. Good idea, take off your earrings first, then let’s stand up. Your blouse will be first. Nora knows how to undress me.
I. You have experience of course.
N. Just a few times. His cock is impressive, I can tell you.
I. Save that for last.
N. His shoes first, then his pants, while he takes off your bra.
I. I can tell he has experience taking off a lady’s bra.
N. I think he could already do that before he ever got here.
S. I thought your breasts were very sexy before, under your blouse and all, but now I can see that they really are, complete with your pink nipples standing up.
I. Breasts? I thought men call them tits.
S. I was trying to be polite, but tits it is. They’re feel wonderful in my hands.
I. You’re about to fuck me with another woman present, this is not the time to be polite. Anyway, my tits feel wonderful in your hands too.
N. Leave your shorts on for now, Scott, she wants to save your cock for last.
I. While Nora’s taking off your shirt, why don’t you work on my skirt.
S. I thought you’d never ask. And your panties?.
I. You should probably hang those out to dry before you fuck me. Unless you want to fuck me with them still on.
S. Right now I feel hot enough to burn a hole right through them. But I really want you all naked. Next time we can fuck with them on. OK?
I. Promise?
S. I’ll give them to Nora once I’ve got them off, she will handle that while I feel you up between your legs.
I. Kiss my tits while you do that?
N. He’s good at sucking tits too, you’ll notice.
I. Oh, is he ever.
N. Let me hang your panties up here. Are they new or have you been fucked in them before?
I. Not that it’s any of your business, but yes, I have, twice so far. Actually, I was not in them when I got fucked. The first time the gentleman took them off before we went to bed, the other time I had already removed them in the car on the way home, so he could feel me up.
S. Like this?
I. Let me put my left foot on the bed, to spread wider, so that it’s more like it was that time in the car.
S. I like the way you make yourself so accessible.
I. You mean, expose my intimate parts to your touch? I like exposing them to a man. You feel great there.
S. It’s great feeling your intimate parts.
I. Feeling my cunt, you mean.
N. That’s what I call mine. Some girls that come here call it their pussy, especially if they are inexperienced.
S. I like that too, when they are a little shy.
I. Sorry, but I am not a bit shy about sex. I love it as often as I can get it.
S. How often do you get it?
I. Some guys twice a day, others it may be a week in between. I get very horny when it’s been more than three days.
S. How long has it been since you had a cock in this hole?
I. Three days and six hours.
N. You must be climbing the walls then.
I. Yes, but it will be so good having Scott fuck me. Do I get to see that cock now?
N. Ta-da!
I. Ta-da is right. No wonder you are in demand here.
N. The best part is that he can stay stiff and hold off coming almost forever.
I. Even when you help him?
N. Even then. Let me get undressed myself, I feel funny with both of you naked and me not.
S. She’s even sexier naked.
I. I am sure you have experienced that a few times!
N. And then some!
I. Are you going to suck me?
S. Before or after?
I. Before certainly, maybe after too?
S. We’ll see. Remember, Nora will be waiting.
I. Can I help you fuck her, the way she helps you fuck me?
S. I would be most appreciative. She usually does.
I. Where do you want me?
S. Why don’t you sit on the edge of the bed, then I can kneel between your legs.
I. That will be so delicious!

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Creatively yummy

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Thank you, Mysteries. I have more about Scott, Nora and visitors. Care to read them?

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1/16/2006 5:45 pm

mysteriesofme, thanks for stopping by my blog.thanks it sure was yummy.......I will check out your blog.

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mailman, thanks again....liked your blog

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mailman,yes I would love to read more about Scott & Nora.

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mailman.. you bet..

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Be patient, they will appear again soon. Keep checking here.

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I posted another Scott and Nora here yesterday, quite lengthy I am afraid.

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