Cabin in the snow  

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Cabin in the snow

Outside a small blizzard was reigning the world and it was cold enough that you would not want to go outside unless you absolutely had to. Fortunately, we were prepared and did not have to go anywhere. Food and drink enough to last us several days, and a supply of firewood stacked in the corner. The wine was warming us from the inside and the fire was taking care of our outsides. No worries in the world, just each other. It was still light out, but we could not see very far because of the snow coming down. Not that we were trying very hard to see anything. We knew there were trees out there, maybe an occasional wolf if we tried to imagine him very hard, no neighbors close by at all. The phone was unplugged, but everything else was fully plugged in, or expected to be shortly if we kept this up. “This” was what we were doing to pass the time, but actually a big reason for coming here in the first place. I think that her appreciation for my sexuality was exceeded only by my lust for hers. We were a good match, physically and spiritually, or we would not have agreed to come here. (The meaning of ‘come’ can be whatever you want it to be). We understood each other, supported each other whenever needed, shared so many things. But the spiritual side was right now merely fueling the physical aspect of our relationship, being strong but in the background, cheering us on. That is why I had to kiss her, experience the never ending wonder of our sparring tongues, heating each other up and preparing each other for further oral exploits and other endeavors. Note how many time the words each other appear here? That is the nature of our relationship. I do not do it to her, or she to me, we do it to each other, experience it together. I feel what she feels when I kiss her or touch her anywhere with my mouth, my hands or anything else, and she says she feels the same way about that herself. Sound a little too sweet? Know that we are capable of arguing, even having terrible rows. That these invariably wind up being settled in an exhilarating and vigorous physical way speaks of the strength underlying this relationship.

Our kissing was getting more vigorous by the minute, and not because we were settling an argument. It was more like a friendly duel, my tongue tickling her throat, her arms around my neck, pulling me against her, urging me to get closer. I knew she could feel the effect this was having on me further down, could feel that through my heavy winter pants and her woolen skirt. I also knew the effect this was having on her; wetness would be starting to form, well up inside her, preparing her for what was to come, for what we both so urgently wanted. But we had to control our urgings, knowing it would heighten our mutual pleasure when we finally would slake them, affirming our physical and spiritual bond, when we were at the peak of our desire for each other. For never was there a time when I would callously take her without regard for her needs of the moment. That was no hardship: rarely was there a time that my advances were not welcome, even anticipated eagerly, or preempted by her if I did not act fast enough. There were times that our union would involve me subduing her mercilessly, letting her have my throbbing giant without waiting for her to accede, spoken or silently signaling, to my overpowering need for her. This would, however, only serve to arouse her more, on the one hand giving her the sensation of being wanted for only her body, but knowing all along that a much deeper, much more fundamental dimension was driving us both to express ourselves that way to each other. In the end she would shout out her climax louder than ever, leading me to pound her harder, taking her almost violently, ultimately arriving there together with her. But for now, we were kissing and rubbing up against each other, standing up, she with her back against the door, feeling me pressing up to her and trying to press back, to increase the contact between our bodies. My hands were behind her head, holding her firmly while my mouth was on hers. I could feel her breasts under her sweater, moving as she moved, soft and warm. She turned her head, escaping my insistent tongue and whispered:
“My tits…, please.”
“What about your tits?” I had to ask, knowing full well what she wanted.
“Take them, grab them in your hands, play with them.”
We were kissing again when I moved my both my hands down her back, to pull her sweater out of her skirt and get underneath. I found her bare skin and moved back up till I came to he bra and undid the hooks. Now I could slide my hands around her to the front, pushing her bra up as I went, and feel her breasts. With my thumbs on both her nipples I squeezed her and was rewarded by her moan.
“Yes, I love that, don’t stop.”
“Not for a long time.”
“That good, eh?”
“You know what that is wired to, don’t you?”
“What?” As if didn’t know.
“Direct line to my pussy.”
“Make you hot?”
“I am already hot for you. I have been thinking about it all the way up here.”
“You didn’t say anything.”
“I wanted to surprise you.”
“Good, because if you weren’t hot for me, I would have attacked you anyway. I was thinking about it for a long time, too.”
“I would have like that, to be attacked by you.”
“Help me pull up your sweater.”
“Any time.”
We both struggled to get her sweater up and off, along with her bra.”
“I wore a sexy bra for you and you did not even get to see it on me,” she pouted.
“Put it back on then and let me admire you.”
“No, I like it better this way now, but next time you better pay attention.”
Are you going to wear a bra tonight?”
“Probably not, why?”
“That is going to be the next time.”
Oh, goody. Now, suck my tits.”
“Just like that?”
“Suck my titties, please?”
“Those direct line nipples?”
“That’s them.”
How could I refuse a request like that? She moaned again while I sucked her nipples, making them even harder then they were before. She held her breasts up to me in her hands and I alternated from one to the other.
“I wish you had two mouths to suck me with.”
She pressed her breasts close together and I could move more quickly from her left to her right nipple that way. Her moaning became louder, and she started to slide down.
“Let’s go on the couch,” I said.
On the way over there I took my shirt off and kicked my shoes somewhere, so that we both were topless and barefoot.
She lay back on the couch, holding her breasts in her hands, fingering her nipples and looking up at me.
“I’m hot,” she said, “what are you going to do about it?”
“Let me see, where does it feel hottest?”
“Down there,” she said, coyly
“Show me,” I said.
She pulled her skirt up, showing me her sexy legs all the way up to her tight panties.
“There,” she said , “how is that?”
“Very sexy, makes me hot too.”
I knelt down and she arched her leg over the back of the couch, opening herself to my gaze.
“I can never get enough of looking at you,” I said “you’re so sexy.”
“Look all you want, I want you to see me.”
I moved in closer, and stroked her thighs, up to where the little soft hairs were curling out from under her panties. I played with them and told her that her panties looked wet.
“That’s all you fault, for turning me on so. Good thing I brought a few spares.”
I kissed her the baby soft skin of her thighs and inhaled the aroma of her arousal wafting up between them. It was a pungent but sweet smell and it felt very warm and in intimate to lie there between her legs, opened so widely for me, almost demanding to inspected, examined in detail.
“Show me your pussy,” I said
Without any hesitation she moved the gusset of her panties out of the way, letting me see what was underneath. I played with her little lips between my fingers. They were glistening with the moisture she was secreting for me, and so deliciously pink that I had to get close enough to get my tongue in there, to lick them, first one side, then the other, and then up and down the middle. I avoided her clitoris for a long time, satisfied with just lapping up her honey, like as kitten at a saucer of cream. The opening of her vagina was also beckoning me and I probed it with my tongue as deeply as I could. Several minutes went by, until she grabbed me by my ears and pulled me up a little higher.
”My clit, “ she said, “suck my clit and put your finger inside me.”
I couldn’t talk, but her clit disappeared in my mouth, while my finger disappeared into her pussy. I tried to keep the same rhythm with my fingers and my tongue and soon heard her moan.
“Don’t stop, keep doing that, that feels so good.”
I was trying to keep her down. She was moving so much that it was difficult not to lose contact. The she said:
“Take my panties off.”
“Why?” I teased her.
“I need to be fucked, dammit, and you are going to have to do it, right now.”
I let go of her and pulled her panties down and then finished undressing myself, looking down at her all spread out for me.
“Come on, hurry, I need you.”
I saw the desire in her wide open eyes, looking at me.
When I was naked, she said: “Fuck me now, take me,” and spread her arms as well as her legs in a wide open welcome.


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