Get over it.  

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6/22/2005 10:21 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Get over it.

"Life is not about the breaths we take, It's the moments that take our breath away!"

"Live for the moment, not the need for security"

Not to sound harsh, but I have been confused with "love" many times in my life.
I have meet some Very special women and enjoyed great love. People do change, sometimes in the same direction and grow stronger, and sometimes in different directions where you Need to let go!

The point I am making is some of my own experiences. To begin I start with my first TRUE LOVE, I'll call her "Honey".
Honey and I were the cutest couple anyone knew, we met at a tender young and enjoyed so many romantic and eventful times, Four years together before we started "seeing" things differently, not in a bad way, just she felt insecure at times (things that pertained to her first mairrage) and she made me feel like I was in her way, not to go thru all the details but we agreed to part on good terms and be friends. Fine with me and that's how I keep it...
Five years apart now she has ended two of her relationships because she "can't let go of me" she talks about me all the time to her boyfriends and they can't take it... go figure.... We are always going to be "Lovers" to me too, but I will never go back to her, keep it that way and move on!

Another sweetie, and most very recent "love" I'll call her "Baby".
Baby and I met as "Friends with Benefits" actually on AdultFriendFinder.
Niether of us expected it but we bonded within a few days and her 12 year old boy took to me like she said he never has to any other man. We both enjoyed the True sex we shared and the love after, Sounds good doesn't it?
However.... She too could not let go of her last love, she mentioned him to me and I knew she'd always love him in a way, but she always told me how he wasn't sweet, honest or there for her like she needed in life, and I was everything she has ever asked for and more in a man.
She found him cheating on her through AdultFriendFinder and so she started a profile. We met on here and both were open and honest about the fact we like to play, but we searched AdultFriendFinder together.
Now tell me this, after 5 months of her leaving him, he calls and shows up one weekend, and she's all over him again and dumps me. Her son is mad at her and is pissed she's leaving me for him again.

Can someone explain this "Fairy Tale Infatuation" women keep in there heads???
Life is short people, enjoy it for the time, remember the past and learn from it, Don't re-live it!

Signed "Confused Romeo" magix66

blondbombshell2 60F
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7/26/2005 11:16 pm

Sometimes we women don't like the guys who treat us well... but you are right about listening to what people say-- if someone talks about their ex quite a bit in a certain way, the relationship is not over..time really isn't an element with this... I have met several men (two in particular) who were still very much in love with their ex wives... the first guy this happened with, I stuck with him for a year because I thought he would realize what a great person I was... it never happened and from what I understand, he is still not with anyone-- the second time it happened, I didn't see that person anymore after I could tell there was a real significant connection to the ex...I got so burned from the first time that I wasn't going to deal with that stuff again

Too bad your lady friend hurt her son in that situation-- kids are really a good judge of character.. you seem like a nice guy... I am also a person who tries to learn from my experiences.. I think the thing I have learned the most is all the "signs" of a relationship that is not going to work are all there, we just don't listen to them-- we sometimes try to make people into the people they really aren't

magix66 49M

8/4/2005 1:32 am

Thank you Ladies for the stories, so touching indeed.
I too realize that you must read all the signs from the start, and if the previous bond is still in a hold, you can NOT release it for them, they must be free willing to let go of it and move on.
Not to say if you meet someone and they "mention" the fun with their "X" you need to run like the plague, just take it slow, enjoy the Friendship and see where the "love" grows.
I hope all can understand this and we can all make better relations from learning.
I was hurt when I wrote this originally, I now have moved on to more friends. Life is short, live it, love it, learn and keep going


shylatina597 49F

9/23/2005 4:16 am


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