put it down to experience  

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5/20/2006 8:52 am
put it down to experience

OK, i had a reply to one of my emails, i read it and it sounded encouraging said all the right things and gave an email address to reply to. I sent an email and waited...........next day theres an email from the same person asking had i got thier mail and provided me with a link to a web page with all the contact details so i see the pics and get a contact no, however when i accessed the link it was to a hosting site fo which you had to pay for an age verification password, ok i thought its less than a tenner i'll give it a go, however when i gained access surprise, surprise no details just acres of porn sites.

I go back to my mails and reply to the ladies address and give my contact details and ask her to contact me.

the next day theres mail from my contact asking if i'd got her mail. with another link and asking me to contact her, i send a reply only this time its a different email address and later i get an mail return notification. so i guess its a wasre of time. now if i'm not the righr person for them, fair enough, but why waste all our time and not bother replying,(her loss)yeah right!

I just wonsered if any other guys have had the experience, i will supply her handle if any one wants to know.

gripe of the week out of the way!

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