a swingers party  

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8/20/2006 9:25 pm

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a swingers party

While Deb & I are not hard core swingers and have no desire to see how many bodies we can claim, we decided to go to a "party" to see what one was like.

I am never one to judge someone else's lifestyle choices. Heck if I did I would be one of the worlds biggest hypocrites. However, this party amazed me with what people are willing to do. The dance part was fun other then the fact that they turned off the a/c so the room was hot as hell. It was fun watching people go nuts and have a lot of fun that you could not have any where else. Watching body shots being done was interesting and Deb is upset that she missed doing them, and being the body the shots were being done on. Although I don't think she missed it as much as the guys at the bar did.

We meet some interesting people there. However the bar and the hotel were dingy places. After the party we visited the "hospitality suite" what happened there blew my mind. I guess I am a weird guy, to me you have to have some feeling for the people you are going to make love to. No I am not saying you have to be in love with them. Just that you have had a chance to get to know them and care about them as people. Now this does not mean there cannot be an immediate connection between people. I am not making judgments here, I have just learned that an orgy among strangers is not something I would want to participate in.

It also taught me, as I meet some people from AdultFriendFinder there, that a lot of the pics here have to be at least 10 years old. It also surprised me how many people that are in terrible shape want to have this lifestyle. I am not saying that you need to have a perfect body, lord knows I never will. It's tough at our age to get into perfect shape. But you can at least make an effort to be in decent shape. That's why when we decided to try this I seriously started going back to the gym. Well that and Deb being so hot as well, then add in her fantasy friend and it demanded that I do so.

In fact my next blog and a few other will be talking about the pain in the butt it is dieting and going to the gym. Before this choice of lifestyle it was easy being a marshmallow again. Now I have started back to the gym and taken off 10 pounds. I am going to write it about knowing that someone might actually be reading these blogs and it will help give me a little extra motivation to stict to it.

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8/25/2011 7:23 am

All that work is not only going to make you more fit and desirable, but in the long run it will add years to your life and make them much more enjoyable. Marshmellows get hard and unapealling when they just sit around.

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