a busy weekend in fantasy land  

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9/4/2006 11:49 pm

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12/15/2006 12:33 am

a busy weekend in fantasy land

We had our third and fourth couples date this weekend. Both couples were throughly enjoyable people. We had two very enjoyable evenings, with people that had a lot of the same attitudes about life that we do. It will be interesting to see where they lead to, if anywhere, other then a fantasy or two that are running around in my mind.

The last week I made myself go to the gym, boy it sucks! I also found out 4 days to late that our scale was broken and I put on 2lbs, thinking I had taken off 3. Oh well, guess no more procrastinating on really following the diet. However, over the weekend I did manage to get most of the 3 pounds back off.

I have received a few emails about our profile and how it is unrealistic to expect to find the "Holy Grail" as a few put it. I think there are 3 different types of people here. First are the hardcore swingers that want to bed as many bodies as they can. Nothing wrong with that if thats what you want. Sex is fun, that's why we are all here.

The second type are people that are looking for some type of emotional contact with the people they are sharing with. That they are looking to make love, instead of just sex. In my opinion, a much more enjoyable variety of sex. We are one of these couples. We are searching for the "Holy Grail" true friends. That to me is the basis for any real type of relationship. One of the major advantages of being married to a woman as beautiful and gifted sexually as my wife is, is that I do not have to rush to find great sex. I already have that every day.

That leads to me the third type of people at this site. People that started looking for the "Holy Grail" and then settled for a lot less. Again nothing wrong with this choice either. Although I have a feeling that most of the people in this category are very unsatisfied with the connections they have made here. Please just don't rain on our parade as we and others search for the "Holy Grail". You might be right, and like the mythical Holy Grail, the "Holy Grail" of relationships, is just that a myth. If it is, then we will stop looking at this adventure as a lifestyle choice we want. Although I think Deb and her friend have found their type of "Holy Grail" relationship. She has a great new friend and very talented lover. He has an incredibly beautiful woman and talented lover that does not want to change his life. After all his life as it is, is pretty good.

They are both great people and over time will develop a real friendship I have a feeling. Maybe the couple "Holy Grail" relationship can also happen, we will see. On to another week of this adventure.

SexyMillie2006 54M/54F

10/13/2006 7:46 am

Thanks for clearing up what we are hunting for. The "Holy Grail" is a great way of looking at it. We did once find that Grail, held it in our procession for a year. Tasty and great fun. We still get to see them and do friendly stuff with them. Their fantasy was fulfilled. Ours is not. We do hope to be able to find that “Holy Grail” again. Are we in trouble of looking to match what we had and even making what we had even larger in our minds. So everyone we meet have too big of shoes to fill.

Since the both of us, like you, are so very pleased with the sexy, talented partner that we already have. We should keep on the adventurous trail of the “New Holy Grail”. It is like living in a sexy fairy tale.

Do not stop the adventure it is not just a myth.

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8/25/2011 7:26 am

Well said and if you are dilligent in your search you just might find that "Holy Grail" that we are all looking for.

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