my love affair...with men  

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9/9/2006 7:28 pm

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my love affair...with men

..started when I was five. he had red hair and I remember he always wore these cartoon overalls. Man, I wanted him.

...4th grade, Dennis Medina, you were the shit! I wanted you bad. I waited for you to kiss me like a 1000x by the fountains...pussy. And Keith liked me and looking back, Keith was the HOT one but for some reason I was stuck on you..go figure?

7th grade..Tim, my first, my worst. Nuff said.

8th...Greg W. Bad Boy, spoiled, always in trouble, cheater, big dick, we partied alot, I looked cool in your broke my heart, but we parted well.

9th...GIRLS! yum...

Lots of drunken bad teenage sex, until I finally started dating older men. They took me out to nice restaurants, bought me nice things, taught me about sex, world views, politics, really so much...a couple bad seeds but mostly all good experiences. I loved being a young Lolita. I knew what I was doing, even then, and always, always, always LOVED sex!

Dated a lot in my 20's..but nothing special until...

Met HIM! Fell in love with HIM! Married HIM! Swinger with HIM! Still LOVE him, just in a new place in our relationship..we are older, wiser, more mature...we are stable and having fun. What does the future hold? Only GOD knows?!

Now, I am the "older woman" to someone..which is wierd. I look so young and baby-faced and get carded and feel the same physically, and yet, I don't. I feel like he has MUCH more unanswered questions, drama, crazy-off-the-wall young, young energy. I am more settled down in my spirit.

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