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9/7/2006 2:47 pm

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My SexBlog

I have been a blogger for four years or so. I have a couple sites I use frequently to "empty the trash" out of my head. For me, this is very helpful. I am a very introspective, cerebal, (some say "too") deep thinker..and this allows me to rid myself of a lot of garbage that accumulates in there! My head is like a dangerous neighborhood-I try to not go in there alone...LOL

But, this "blog-spot" is good for the more X-rated thoughts I sexuality, fantasies, experiences, NOT: my dog stories (I tend to write about my dogs..a LOT), Make-up, Skin care, fun shit I, this will be my space to explore more private stuff that I don't mind you freaks, geeks, and babes reading! LOL

For one, I can not write about my bi-sexuality on one of my blogspots since my family reads it--BUZZKILL! LOL Ewww, that is just wrong! I try to keep my free-spirited sexuality separate from them...I mean they know I am a freak, but I "don't tell, and they don't ask." Ha ha.
And so it shall remain...

I strongly believe in my rights as a woman and a human to a wonderful sex life and I hope all of you out there in blogland and beyond, get your freak on in a happy, safe & guilt-free way that hurts no one!

To quote the "great G. Micheals:" Sex is Natural, sex is good, (and this part I do not necessarily agree with sex is best one-on-one... hahahhahahahhah

rm_Tiakon 47M

9/11/2006 7:55 pm

Wow...cerebral-type, huh? Not too many of your types here...I wish I could find someone like you to keep up with me once in awhile...Introspection is great...and blogging about it can be rather cathartic...I'd love to take a stroll through your mind.....might be fun AND very interesting!!!

magicalgurlll replies on 9/25/2006 11:30 pm:
...apparently I'm not THAT cerebral as I just figured out how to respond to your comment. So, uh..thanks. Feel free to stroll through these blogs far as my mind goes, well, I'm told it's a pretty dangerous neighborhood in there. I definitely would not recommend going in there alone! Bring a buddy, dress warm & pack a snack.

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