He FUCKED Me LiKe A RoCk StAr...  

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9/5/2006 10:38 pm

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9/10/2006 11:58 pm

He FUCKED Me LiKe A RoCk StAr...

...and I want more, more, more! With a rebel yell, he cried more, more, more... Little baby...

He showed up @ my door and my jaw hit the floor--fucking tall, gorgeous and sexy-I knew I was right 4 packing an overnight bag! I wanted him bad! And soon. I felt electricity standing next to him. He is soooo young, but that just made me more excited. I showed him my home. We walked to his car..brand new high performance sports car. Black convertible. sexy as fuck.
He opened the door for me. we got lost in each other immediately. He put some kind of spell on me from the moment I read his email to the first time I heard his voice to finally seeing him in my doorway...

Waiting for our table, he pulled me close to him. I knew he had those tattoos under his shirt and I was dying to see them. His body was hard and lean. And he was nice and tall. I am petite so he made me feel more feminine. He kept telling me how beautiful I am..how much better I look in person..how lucky he was..I will never forget after like the 2nd or 3rd time we fucked, WHEN he was drawing the contours of my lips with his pointer finger he said: you look like Angelina Jolie a little-your eyes and lips....

We ate al fresco, healthy and yummy. I had halibut. We walked hand in hand.

We drove to his gated house...it was ridiculously big. Up, up, up the staircase....we chilled and then we did not..

It was fucking unbelievable!

I did positions I never did before and he knew what he was doing..HOW?? At his age?? Trust me, he is young! I know a little tiny piece of me fell in love/lust with this boy that night and I think him too.

The nightime sex was animal and rough, but the morning sex was slow and erotic...

Then we went to breakfast and I met all EIGHT of his best friends!! I was nervous about meeting them, but I guess I passed inspection because all their jaws dropped when we walked in...(I was wearing short shorts and a tight tank top) and I am sure it helped that we were in Malibu, because I took off my tank top, just showing my hot turquoise bikini top and my Natural 38DDs! Some of his friends could not stop staring at me and I made sure to stretch and really look my sexiest!

Frankly, I wouldn't mind taking on a few of them!! Hmmm? 3sum? 4sum? I know he is pretty game...LOL

After breakfast/lunch, we went to the beach and played volleyball. One of the boys said to me: do you have any friends like you? I looked at him dead-on and said: well, they are all my age, and look like me...

And he said: so, you're saying that they are HOT & HOTTER!! AWWW!

Me like his friends!

I can not WAIT to see this boy again....

rm_The__Big_Dog 46M

9/6/2006 12:05 am

I was one of those best friends!! You were smoking hot that day! Like you said, I couldn't stop staring!

WeCoupleHotties 47M/46F

9/8/2006 4:04 pm

Great writer! You make me sooo hard and my wife sooo wet...let's hook-up!

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