Afternoon Delights  

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Afternoon Delights

Lust babe! You wanted to see another story....I'm not sure if you had the opportunity to read this one....if so, let me know and I can find another one I wrote!


Their relationship had taken a turn he said, they were now going to enjoy life and have no unsaid secrets between them. Different he said, but it’s not strange. I was a bit skeptical, wondering can a marriage really be this way? Why not I asked myself? I have read about couples, that explore and this exploration does seem to bring a different perspective to the marriage, at least I have read it. They like to play games he also said. Games? What kind of games I asked? Out of the normal types of games, he said. “Let’s try this,” he said….
Why don’t we meet again and see how it goes, then I can tell you what I mean by games and you can see what you think! It might be fun or at the very least it could be interesting! I thought why not!!! We had talked for some time now and I felt very comfortable with this man. In fact, the one time I had met him there was no pressure to do anything, just meet face to face, have some coffee and I guess see what each other had thought. I remember very well he seemed so self-assured, confidant and besides, he was a very attractive man. So we decided on day, time and place.
My excitement kept building for the next few days, wondering and waiting. I think the waiting was the hardest part. I kept wondering to myself, what was this game? What would it be like? Would I like it? I had never really played a game like this, but I didn’t’ even know what the game was!! I hope things worked out! All this excitement was making my mind wander most of the time.
Finally, the day came! I was still so excited! As the time came near, the shower I was going to take took on a different meaning. It was a long hot one. Relaxing, full of touching. Slowly running my soapy hands all over my neck, down to my breasts. I could feel the sensations, which were being inflicted, to my senses. It had felt so wonderful too. After my shower, I started finishing up. He had called and we confirmed our meeting time. He told then, “Oh, by the way, the game is already on!” I thought, what? How could that be? Now my feelings were going in all directions. He then told me a bit about it. He said she knows when and where you and I are going to meet at. The only thing I asked her was to not show up at my place till a certain time. She is able to do whatever she wishes, but don’t let us know where she is! Since I had never met her, I knew I wouldn’t know if she was there or not.
On my way to our meeting place, I kept thinking, is she going to be able to accept seeing her husband with another woman? Was this really as it was? Did she really know? I guess only time would tell me the answers to these questions, now all I had to do was get there and see. I found the place and went in. He was already there, sitting in a booth. We sat there and had a drink to get accustomed to each other again. He kept looking over the people in the lounge, kind of fast. Finally he said I have to stop looking. I asked you mean she isn’t here? He said, “No, I’m not supposed to see her. She knows we are here, and knows not to be back at the room till after we have been there for a while! I don’t even know where she is! Well, what do you think about it?” After all the excitement I had been through this past week, there was no way I was going to change my mind now! He told why don’t you follow me and we left the lounge.
We parked our cars and walked to the elevator. He pushed the button, and turned around and kissed me in the elevator. It was a long, deep kiss, the kind, which can sear into you, our tongues touched and danced together, tasting each other. His body felt nice and warm leaning up against me. That was even a new experience for me! I had never been kissed in an elevator before, and his kisses were so inviting, they made me want more, so much more. When the elevator stopped, we went to the room; he put the “do not disturbed” sign on, shut and locked the door.
We went to the bed; he sat down and pulled me close. His hands were on my breasts; he told me I have seen the pictures of these for months, now I can see the real ones. He started to massage my breasts, both of them. Then his hands went up my blouse to get a better feel. I pulled his head closer to my breasts, I wanted to feel him closer, the kiss in the elevator had me still spinning and excited. He quickly started to unbutton my blouse and took it off me, tossing it to the side of the room, then went to the back of my bra, unhooking it, tossing it too, all the time feeling my breasts, kissing them, burying his face between them, as I continued to pull his head closer.
I stood there for a while, relishing in the treatment he was giving my breasts. I found his treatment of them to be very exciting and just what I needed too! The kisses were getting deeper and more needing. He moved me to the bed and started undoing my jeans and panties, having me lay on my back. I felt so open and vulnerable, waiting. He went down kneeling on the floor and went between my legs, burying his head between my legs and started licking and sucking. It felt fantastic. He pulled my hips closer to his mouth, tasting me, licking more. Sucking the juices right out of me. As I was moving against his mouth, I heard the door open and close. Someone had come inside the room. It must have been his wife! My heart skipped a beat. What was really going to happen now? I really wasn’t sure. I then heard the other door, if it was his wife; she had gone into the bathroom. Soon I sensed someone was in with us. I didn’t look; I wasn’t sure what to do. So I just continued to enjoy. I thought if something was wrong, I would have found out by then.
He then decided to go deep inside my pussy. He was standing then and pulled my hips toward the edge of the bed. He put his hard cock deep inside my pussy and we started fucking. Oh it felt so good having him deep inside my warm, moist pussy. Soon he asked if it was all right, if his wife came up behind and played with his balls while he fucked me. Yes I said. After a bit, she came around to the front of him and he introduced me to his wife, while continuing to fuck me. She and I started to touch each other a bit, just a tiny bit. It felt so strange to be in this situation, fucking someone while his wife was there next to me! I really hadn’t known what to do. We fucked, for what seemed to be a long time. The sensations were fantastic. She and I continued to touch and started to kiss lightly, little, soft kisses. She was so soft. His wife moved next to he and me took his still hard cock out of me, and started to fuck her. I rolled over and started to touch her breasts. She had nice size breasts too. Fit really nice. We continued to kiss and touch. Her breasts tasted so good too. I love to lick nipples, making them hard, lightly flicking my fingers across them. Hands seemed to be going all over, I couldn’t tell if they were his or hers. She then rolled over and he entered her from behind, fucking her doggie style. I could see the pleasure in her face, while she and I kissed. Then he wanted to do the same to me and it was her turn to watch my face, he was fucking me doggie style and she was in front of me. He had buried himself in me so deep, his cock hit up against me. She told to be careful too. I was just very surprised to feel him in so deep.
She and I wanted to give his cock some oral treatment; she started by getting between his legs and tasting him with her mouth. She told me to come over and help her. We took turns for a while, taking his cock inside our mouths, sucking him and licking all of him. She kept telling him to “watch us now baby, watch what we are doing to you. I want you to watch us and enjoy the site. This is for you.” We then both started to suck and lick him at the same time. Both of our mouths and tongues were all over his cock while he watched us. By then he wanted to cum and wanted to bad too. So he rolled me over and told her he wanted to finish off inside me. He pushed his cock inside me again and we started to fuck harder and faster till he exploded his cum.
Afterwards, we caught our breaths while I strengthen myself up. I got dressed and decided to leave them to enjoy each other in private now. I was pretty sure they would have more fun after I had gone. He walked me to the elevator and we said goodbye. What a day that was!! So exciting! So new to me! I think the game itself made it very intriguing. I think I would do it again too. We will see……

lustcurious42 56F

7/18/2006 11:01 pm

Gosh Maggiegirlie, I gotta re-read this in the morning light!! The things you don't share with your girlie friends......

ghost_wolf_runs 70M

3/16/2007 5:33 pm

Maggie you have a serious talent for writing, I was totally absorbed in the story. Jeez, it's got me hard as stone. Nicely done, totally erotic.

luv2tuchu2 62M
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10/19/2009 7:31 pm

I am not sure what parts are real and which are manufacured fantasy, but you really have talent and are sexy.

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