It Takes One to Know One  

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5/31/2006 5:40 pm

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It Takes One to Know One

Well, here I am, finally joining the blogathon. Last month another, more "mainstream" company of bloggers, and now the "big time," or so I've been led to believe.

Couple of quick disclaimers. I'm married. NOT happily (are we surprised?), and in such a state for more years than I'd care to admit. Unhappily for the usual reasons (lack of respect, lack of emotional intimacy), and still at it for only one really GOOD reason (not sex, which has been lacking for–now HOW long have I been married?), which good reason is quickly coming to an end with the imminent disappearance from the nest of the last of the progeny.

Second–I’m not entirely sure what I'm doing here, except for the fact that a friend of the female persuasion got “lucky.” Not sure what I’d even consider “lucky” for myself, and if she’s reading this, or anything in the future, let it be a wake up call.

Strangely, though, I don’t feel the least bit desperate, because I remember what sorts of “reviews” I received in the past (why I wound up, and remained in this mess is my own stupid fault, truth be told, the wife is not a bad human being, just not the human being for me), and I suspect that re-entering (like it or not, my blogs WILL be filled with subtle and not-so-subtle bad puns–BAD pun, BAD pun) the "availability" arena is more like just getting back on the proverbial horse.

I noticed, however, on the “Cupid” emails I have been receiving (and you ladies may actually be just as new to the site as I am–that’s your one and only excuse), that not ONE of the more than 20 women who have been suggested to me as potential, computer-generated partners–how hard is screening by location and age--not ONE of them has posted a blog. Well GOLLL-LLLY, neither had I! So here it is. Perhaps my one and only, but I suspect this might become habit forming. In which case, strap on, your seatbelts, or strap on or insert whatever else you might have handy, bedside.

Ladies, if you have any interest in getting any play from me (and remember, I’m just on here–for now–for erotic chat--watch this space, the profile could change at any time!)-- you’re gonna hafta blog. I need someone who can put a sentence together, not only in writing, but in the spoken tongue of her homeland–whether it’s Polish, Swedish, French, Swahili, Japanese, or English–NOT strictly, the tongue of anyone’s homeland but the Brits, of course–but we’ll make allowances, as long as the terms “like” and “you know” or “wicked AWEsome” aren’t the most common words outta someone’s mouth.

My professional life is words. I am very good at words, which would perhaps make me a cunning linguist. However, my passion (as you might guess) is music. We'll get there, eventually.

For one so long deprived of any meaningful female company, I am still a lover, perhaps more like an “appreciator” of women. It is not an overstatement to note that with the exception of a couple of really tremendous people who happen to be guys, ALL of my best friends are, and have always been, women. Straight women, lesbian women (I was privileged to officiate at a lesbian wedding a couple of years ago, and it was one of the most satisfying moments in my life), bi-women, beautiful women, not-so-beautiful women, short, tall, you name it. I really love the female perspective, and value these friendships. In fact, in the male friends I do have, I tend to value their “softer” side.

While I can go (and have gone) in many different directions in physical relationships with women, I look to find, and exploit–to their pleasure, and my satisfaction--their true “center.” I have been told that I am rather good at “playing to the audience.”

So ladies, if any of you out there wish to make this the first of many, please inspire me with your own pleasant, witty, salacious, lecherous repartee, and let’s see what we can cook up.

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