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The scene

my breasts are large enough to cause double
takes, but not large enough to detract from the perfect symmetry of my shape. They are high and perfectly round and of a firmness few young women ever achieved.even during arousal. my nipples are tiny nubs in the exact center of each breast, which, when hard,lengthened to an almost unnatural length, standing out hard and ultra sensitive.My ass would have won awards if such were given.

Joe my new neightbour moved in over the weekend with his lovely wife mel. from the moment I saw Joe I knew I had found a new toy to play with. he couldnt keep his eyes off my tits, over the next few days I wore almost nothing doing the lawn, and Joey could not refuse the site of me. The wife left the house to do some shopping and and I went upstairs to take a shower, forgetting to lock the back door.
after the shower I put some jeans and a shirt on, and started brushing my hair, but suddenly from behind I was attacked and thrown to the floor.

I struggled to get my hands from under my body and when the weight lifted for a minute off my torso, I dragged myself forward half a body length, trying to escape. I wasn't thinking at this point, just reacting like the trapped animal I was, and kicked out of the shorts my
attacker was pulling from my legs, half stood, and scrambled forward, his hands going to my mouth to remove the gag so that I could not scream for help.
I thrashed and squirmed beneath him, and bucked in terror as I felt warm lips press against the side of My neck, gently nuzzling and sucking on my tender skin. I had to escape; I had to, I thought, and then froze as I felt another pair of hands pulling at my underwear, dragging it down past my thighs and calves.I was naked from the waist down now, and knew that this man were going to me, he was going to take my virginity in a brutal, inhuman, way.

still sucking and slobbering on my neck, his
knees now between my legs, forcing them apart. I felt his cock press against my virgin opening and moaned in
"You're a hot little cunt," he whispered into my ear, my body flushing with shame, "and hot little cunts need fucking. And I'm going to fuck you. I cringed at his words, and at the phallus pressing forcefully against my pussy. I cried out in pain through my gag as the head of his cock popped into my virgin canal, dragging the dry flesh painfully along with it.

Blackness engulfed my vision as I felt my hymen tear beneath his battering cockhead, the pain filling every corner of my body and mind. My virginal blood slicked his entry as he filled me to the balls with his throbbing manhood, my body stiff in agony, my body feeling like it was being torn apart.

My began brutally thrusting into me, giving me no quarter, whispering in my ear, "Oh ya, baby, nice and tight. Fuck ya. Good cunt," while licking and sucking on my neck.

Minutes, which seemed like hours passed as he rode me, slamming my slender hips and buttocks painfully into the dirt with each downward thrust, and the pain gradually lessened to be replaced by strange feeling of fullfilness.
I barely registered this change, though, weeping as I was in terror and humiliation. He froze on top of me and moaned, and I could feel his seed filling my belly, coating the inside of my vagina, bringing a cool relief to my tortured young flesh.
But that was not the end.

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