The mood rose between my womanly thighs  

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6/6/2005 4:29 am

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The mood rose between my womanly thighs

Something must happen to "continuities" similar to what has happened to "families"; "eroded" comes closest in sense to "scattered."

I gaze vividly into tomorrows dream
at these obstacles the future hides from me.
I seek, above all, in the wandering
brightness’, those pains that rise
to a higher level of appearance.
They tear apart my trust, my needs
With hands freed from weight,
The immortal architect of pain had brought to life,
a living vision in a single man,
the eyes sought for centuries by
The pain of being born into matter or fiction, man or woman.
Here I cannot tell if it is still
love, or only joy, that stands out,
Against this heart no longer mine.
Oh you heartbreakers,
no place left for me, much of place as of renewed hope,
What lies in the depths of this broken mans heart
That open before me? What I see
Along the walls are only empty wounds,
Partly stone, partly the absence of love,
thanks to you.

The weight of being born into happiness is lifted.
pain, and erotic lust has gathered, has piled up, partly in the absence of love
I draw near to one of them, the lowest, lust,
I bring down a bit of its weight
And all at once it is in the shadow of erotic bliss I walked in
My eternal, and internal senses are buzzing, humming like honey bees
as I hold lust in the palms of my hands, they grew into roses, into shadows, into honey, into nothingness, they remain the same, they remain the same.

And then I go on until I am beneath lust archway,
The colour red blotting out
The vision between the outside and this room
A kind of violet red, which hesitates
Between the high and the low contrast of this night.
It is between these myths, this eluding lust, broken hearts
And beyond, the sound of erotic lust singing like honey-bees
in erotic bliss.
I understand a broken heat,
I understand a summer night
that seems reflected in the infinite of a summer moon.
And I would like to walk, to love, like the honeybee
Seeking pleasure, seeking variety
with my lips, with my body
I am sleeping, and dreaming, and wandering along
the paths of innocence. Absurdly, my eyes can only see the arch way of erotic lust,of naked bodies.

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