The immortal bitch?  

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7/9/2005 7:15 am

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The immortal bitch?

We went to Mexico for vacation, 8 of us, the sky was azure from horizon to horizon, the shrilling of local birds streched like an invisible skin over the zon, and the shimmering fields of greens. Amidst all this tropical beauty of mexico was a very sexy man silhouetted against the setting sun.

it was so hot, crazy in the very begining, but after a day or 2 things seemed pretty normal.

I met a guy from AdultFriendFinder a few months ago, and we flew to mexico to meet for the first time. Since we spoke/cam/phone for weeks it felt like I actually knew this guy for years, he is really something else, he made me laugh, and sometimes I find myself day-dreaming things that makes me go mmmmmmmmmm. What a guy, he was so different from my last date from hell, all he wanted to do was pull out my chair, massage my feet, hold my hands whenever we left our rooms, and in the mornings there was a soft knock on my door, and it was him asking me at 5: in the morning to come sit and watch a sunrise with him, so every morning we did that, and in the evenings I ask only that he watched a sunset with me.
for now we can only have what we can have.
Any ways my sister/friends liked him a lot, who wouldnt. We all had a great time, and the rest seem promising.

We travelled a few days to Belize for some snorkeling/diving and our parents are proud of us again, we bought some property there, and hope to start a business sometime soon.

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