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7/15/2005 7:55 am

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Dear sexy Britt,
your Profile in "AdultFriendFinder.com" took my attention. First let me ask you a question. Can you imagine having sex with a foreigner who visits? If not don愒 read any further, cos I do not wanna waste your time or your patience. But if, I would be pleaesed to introduce myself. I am looking for open minded people with similar interests. And yours do match pretty well with mine, theoretically. My reply is probably not the only one, I can fancy. Anyway, let愀 see how far it will take us. Not quiet sure if I will meet your expectations. Let me show you what I have to offer.

Don愒 know how to start from here cos I惴 not used to this. My name is Hermann. I惴 a 38 year old male, 193cm (about 6 feet 5) tall, body to lean on and long dark hair. I may be older but young at heart, with impeccable and respectfull manners. Married and still cosmopolitian, honest, sensuous, tolerant, D&D-free, very discreet, slim and a great listener and a kind heart. Looking for an easy going female company during my travels. Sexual too, if sympathy drives us to. I惴 not against One Nights. But Two Nights are better. Take care of myself and love to be naked! I want every inch of my body explored with expertise, as I will do the same for you. Love giving oral and anal, if wanted. Like having you sitting on my face, caressing, lots of kissing and want to be with someone who can relax, take their time, and really enjoy sex with me. Do not have a favourite position.

I got an academic education in Arts, a good sense of humour and self irony. Have a lot of different interests and try to stay open for the good things in life. Do exercising in Sports and yes I do like good and the sensuality of many pleasures. Like skiing a lot and going to movies, drive around. Playing guitar is now one of my favourites. Have an uncomplicated personality and able to perform multiply. Well endowed by close to 8", if that愀 of any interest for you. Love to explore with all my senses. I do enjoy life and what it brings. For replying me (which I really appreciate) please feel free to use my AdultFriendFinder account or hermann dot martell at gmx dot de. Which ever you prefer and is convenient for you. For I惴 becoming a standard member again soon. You can see some non-facial pics of me attached or in my Profile "Martell66". Please do not take this personal, I惴 just carefull.

I live in Germany close to Stuttgart and I travel frequently to Amsterdam for work. And manytimes for some holidays in advance or afterwords. Where I惴 free to go anywhere. For some tourist travels. I am a real man looking for real a horny lady for real meetings with "no strings attached" fun during my travels. So I take the chance to write you now, never knowing what happens. If you are still interested, I would love to hear from you.

Warmest regards

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