Some Things about me  

madkitten 53F
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9/15/2005 6:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Some Things about me

I did title this 100 things, but it isn't a 100, I'm not sure now how many there is, but I'm so embarrassed that it all appears so negative that I nearly didn't post it, but as I cant think of much else to say today I thought I might as well.

I hate bullies and hope I have never been perceived to be one.

I love reading

I dislike TV

I'm sure there is a book in me, just not sure where to start

I often look back over my life and wonder how I got this far.

My mum was an Alcoholic but I didn't find out until I was 20.

I was adopted at 10 days old.

I love classic Rock

I drink far too much coffee, but nothing else has the same effect

I dislike the fact that I smoke and would love to successfully give up

I don't like beer, spirits or wine.

Favorite food is either Italian or Indian

I do have regrets about my life and wish I didn't dwell on them so much

I have a thing about numbers and I'm never sure why.

I was 14 in the 7th month of 77 and for some reason always thought this meant something.

My favorite number is 7 (that's a surprise isn't it)

My imagination has a better sex life than I do.

I don't dislike any part of my body.

But think my legs are ageing better than the rest.

My kids are the most important thing in my life

I have been pregnant 8 times, 2 Miscarriages, I eptopic, 4 full term births and 1 prem at 26wks

I love the feel of denim against my skin.

I love the smell of leather

I have 1 dog and often accuse her of talking to much (its her eyes)

I can have a smutty mind that sees things just so differently to other people. (can be hard to explain why I'm giggling sometimes)

I would love to see more of the world.

I don't like where I live, but love the area I live in, we have the best of everything Beaches, Towns and County, but wish I could move my house.

My favorite time of the year is Early Summer, before we get the tourists.

I hate traffic jams

I don't do the lottery, but do enter alot of competitions.

I have recently got back in touch with my 1st love and its brilliant being able to talk to him again, he was also my best friend for 3 years.

I don't like being told what to do, but consider myself to be submissive in the bedroom.

I love surprises, both giving and receiving

I hate going to the hairdressers.

I don't like looking in mirrors for 2 long. (which explains number the 1 before)

I don't like people that spend too long looking in mirrors.

I hate swearing

I hate trying to be perfect and don't think there is anything I can do really well.

I don't think I'm living my life to its full potential

I think someone else could have written 100 things about me better.

I don't have many friends as I find it hard to trust people.

I always seem to think the worst and think people are doing the same about me.

I'm far too shy for my own good.

I love listening to the sea in the winter, but have to be on my own to enjoy it.

All my school reports said, could do better.

I seem to remember my parents saying why cant you be more like so and so, than ever giving me any praise for being me, and think that's why I have such a negative outlook on my life.

I try not to break the law, but do find myself going over the speed limit at times.

I think the world is going far too PC.

I think the UK should not listen or try to follow Europe as much as we seem to.

My nipples are the most sensitive part of my body.

I hate having my feet touched

I'm a night owl, and do most things far better in the early hours of the morning.

I hate housework.

I can be very messy, which I also hate.

I hate spending money on myself.

I hate shopping

I wish I didn't spend so much time wondering what I really want in life and never being able to work it out.

I have always daydreamed far too much.

I wish I could be more positive about life.

I can never understand why some people take hours to get ready to go out, I have tried taking hours but I never look any better or any worse after 30 minutes.

I hate Cricket

I don't mind watching football, but don't really have a favorite team.

I get obsessive very easily.

I hate lending out things I own.

I think the whole world is going soft and kids have far more rights these days than adults which I think is one reason they seem to be able to run riot so easy.

I think I'm the sort of person that always makes do with what they have, rather than striving to get things they don't need.

I hate talking about myself,

I find asking questions about people hard.

I would like to be more open, but think that if I told my life story people would think I'm nuts.

rm_Deanobaby2 40M
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9/15/2005 7:55 am

Sounds like ur from same part of world as me!
Nice photos. Check my blog whenever you like.

rm_curiousf64 66M/52F
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9/15/2005 10:25 am

Hey, You sound a lot like me!!!!! Although my friends already think I am nuts XX

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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9/15/2005 5:03 pm

Seems you're too far down on yourself, too.

Lighten up baby-pop; your kids love you? You raising them right, not crushing their self-esteem (like it sounds like you parents did to you)?

Then you're doing pretty well at the most important thing you can do.

janmecir 53M
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9/16/2005 5:46 am

Hi L

Yes....I'm getting caught by this '100 things about me' bug too!
Here's a few about me (I might post these up on my blog later - yes, I've started!!)

1. I lived for 2 years in Berlin in the early 80's (when the Wall was still up)
2. I taught English to a woman whose husband was a spy for the East German Secret Police (this is pure James Bond....)
3. I can't ever remember my mobile phone number no matter how hard i try (it's ridiculous - it's such an easy number to remember)
4. I don't like my middle name (ok, it's 'Gordon' in 'Gordon is a moron'.....remember that one?!)
5. That 'Quote me happy' ad on the telly drives me mad!......
6 I used to go to Paignton Zoo with my son.....and we'd always make our way to see the little red panda curled fast asleep up his tree (is he still there? probably not, I haven't been back to the zoo for 8 or 9 years)
7. I think Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time....I love the guy...
8. I don't know what/who is the current No 1 (do you?!)
9. You'd never get me Town Centre shopping on a Saturday afternoon......I'm off to the footie!.....
10. I've never grown a beard
11. Come rain or shine I always sleep with the window open.......
12. My favourite TV programme? Soprano’s by a country mile…...but mostly, TV is a turn off ‒ you capeesh?!
13. When I hear a suit with a tie talking about ‘duty of care’...for some reason... I want to smack its/his face…..
14 ‘Bap’ (both the word and the soft squidgy white roll) make me think of my mom’s dentures
15. I have a faint childhood memory of sitting on my granddads lap playing my fingers inside his warm walnut hands….feeling safe, so safe…..

How you doing?

madkitten 53F
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9/16/2005 1:00 pm

Deano, Yes looking at your profile we are not a million miles apart, will have a trip over to your blog

madkitten 53F
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9/16/2005 1:02 pm

Curious, I dont dare ask my friends what they think of me LOL

madkitten 53F
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9/16/2005 1:04 pm

Voodoo, I know, Im trying (very trying I hear you say) No Im trying to lighten up and not be so negative, and writing that list helped as it showed me just how negative I am.

madkitten 53F
291 posts
9/16/2005 1:07 pm

Hi I, glad you could join us, and dont be so down on your middle name, its my Dads name, and 1 of my sons middle name and hey its Stings real name as well, and not many would remember the song, and I agree about the advert (I use to work in Insurance) I really dont see how they expect to get customers, when they show an idiot insuring with them.

MisterPriapus 57M
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9/17/2005 10:32 am


Good work on a very tough job! I know, because I just posted my version of the hottest fad since the Hula-Hoop (Sure, I'm showing my age with that aside. Not like A dubF is making any secret of my dotage!), Listing to Starboard: A Hundred Some Things, on my Blog.

There are more difficult tasks in the world, but I'll be dipped if I can think of one of 'em right now...

Btw, don't beat yourself up- it seems so much easier to write about what is not instead of what is! Plus, personal growth demands that problems, shortages, &/or lacks must be identified before the can be resolved.


Been a while since they last let me out into polite society. Resurfacing, catching a breath, & catching up.

And while I got my Broad-Brimmed Pimping Hat on, could I cajole all of y'all to Comment on, Alone In A Cloud? It's probably the best thing that I've written!



madkitten 53F
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9/19/2005 4:52 am

MisterPriapus, that is one thing writing this list did, was show me what changes I need to make myself, currently looking for a large dose of confidance, followed by a major helping of self worth.

ps Hula hoops not gone out of fashion here, my kids still play with them.

HughJarse2000 47M

9/19/2005 7:56 am

Oh bollocks that's funny

And number 97 on my list of things about me is . . . "I hate talking about myself"

ooops !!! x

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
2053 posts
9/19/2005 11:52 am

Piss the fuck off, HJ.

I've enjoyed ripping on people as well, but I've done it in an environment where people expect it. Go to portalofevil spot comm and have fun.

MK doesn't deserve shit like that, especially from such a magnificent poof like yourself.

HughJarse2000 47M

9/20/2005 2:11 am

Errr . . . excuse me Mr Voodooo but

you have clearly misunderstood my tone . I took the time to read the post and simply commented on the line I found most amusing .

My my we are sensitive today.

Madkitten if you have taken similar offense at my comment perhaps someone could explain why it reads so badly ??? I have dropped by your blog several times as you know , and enjoyed it. Are you offended by this comment ?

madkitten 53F
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10/13/2005 2:13 am

HJ & Voodoo, I have only just found these remarks, (comment to self must back check old blogs more often) HJ I was not offended, though if you had caught me at the wrong time I might of been, and I think Voodoo might of picked up on my mood swings. I dont like talking about myself, but Im finding it easier and blogging helps, perhaps if I had started to talk more at an earlier age, I wouldnt be in the mess I find myself in now.

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