Life Goes On.  

madkitten 53F
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10/24/2005 1:21 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Life Goes On.

So life goes on, the past few days its felt like life has been on hold, but it hasnt, the sun still came up and the rain still came down.

Torbay has a new Mayor, only 24% of the bays population voted, and it cost over £160,000.00 to set the whole thing up, this is the first time we will have an elected Mayor, and from what I know of the job we didnt need one, and we didnt need to spend £160,000.00 of tax payers money either.

Took the kids on Paignton Pier today, gave them all a £1.00 worth of 2p's and said when its gone its gone, took them nearly an hour, but it was a bit of light relief after the past few days, we then went on a Halloween costume hunt, which was also good fun and gave them something to look forward to, though I did draw the line at buying a pumpkin, I know I should of, carving pumpkins would of kept them quiet for a couple of hours another day, but they can go and collect more rubbish instead for the bonfire that is currently being built on the green outside our house, maybe we will buy the pumpkins another day.

Hope everyone in blogland is safe and Wilma isnt causing anyone too much trouble.

warmandsexy52 64M
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10/25/2005 11:30 pm

You've got off lightly in Torbay, kitten. You should see what Ken Livingstone costs us in London and all he's keen on doing is charging an arm and a leg for driving, providing crap public transport and whacking up the fares.

I love the normality of the trip to Paignton Pier and the quiet joys of being a mum. Got to get a pumpkin.


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