1.10 AM Room 1389  

madkitten 53F
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11/7/2005 1:53 am

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1.10 AM Room 1389

This is the continuation from the lift.

Very nervous I approach room 1389, not sure I am doing the right thing, and not sure what to expect, I know the excuse is to get my panties back from this man who I have never seen before tonight.

I knock on his door, quietly at first and then as I gain more confidence with a bit more power, I hear him shout "come in" so I open the door and enter, he has his back to the door and is watching the TV, I cant tell what he is wearing or even if its the same guy, I start to say "I have come for my" but he interrupts me before I can finish, "your late" "I can only assume you had second thoughts, or that you didn't enjoy what happened in the lift" "No" I say, "it just wasn't that easy to get away" "I had to wait until my husband was asleep" "ah so you did enjoy what happened in the lift" "you didn't look very happy in the restaurant, are you unhappy in your marriage?" "I didn't come here to discuss my marriage, just to get my panties back" "now if you will please return them, I will leave you in peace"

You turn the tv off, and turn your chair round. "come here and I will give them to you, but I want to find out something first" I approach you sitting in the chair, your wearing just a dressing gown, but looks just as good in it as you did the suit you wearing earlier. As I stand by your chair, you lift my skirt, I feel that same bolt of electricity that I felt in the lift, the one that made me powerless to stop you. "Why do you want your Panties back, you have found another pair to put on, or do you want me to remove these as well?" you ask. "I couldn't spend the rest of the evening with no panties on" I reply "and the ones you have are part of a matching set" "I need them back" my breath is starting to catch as your hand is stroking the inside of my thigh, I so want to resist you, but I can feel myself melting against your fingers, wanting to feel them inside me again, with your other hand you pull me closer to you, and with both hands you pull my panties down, leaving me exposed again. I realize I am almost powerless to stop you, my body is craving the attention you seem to want to give it. "Ok" you say "You can take the ones from earlier and I will have these ones" "They are there on the dressing table, you can take them" "or you can join me in the shower and take both pairs later" and then you stand, gently kiss my forehead and say "its up to you" as you walk to the bathroom, leaving me standing there, unable to move. I could grab both pairs of panties and run, but the heat and longing from my pussy wont let me, I want to join you in the shower, but I am not use to be so forward, you shout from the bathroom "well you cant stand there all night, are you getting in this shower? the water feels good"

I want to run, but my hands start to remove my clothes, first my blouse and bra and then my skirt, shoes and stockings and before my mind has had a chance to think any further I am stepping into the shower behind you. You turn, pulling me to you, holding me close you wrap your arms around me and kiss me long and deep on the lips, my hungry lips return your kiss as I melt in your arms, you hold me to you as the water cascades over both of us, slowly you release your grip as our first kiss ends, and then we start to explore each other, I feel your hard cock against me, and move my hands from round your back so I can stroke it, as I kiss your chest, your hands are cupping my breasts and rubbing my nipples, making them feel harder than they ever have before, I look up at you, deep into your smiling brown eyes, I don't want you to stop, but I want to taste your strength, so I kneel down, still keeping eye contact and then I bury the head of your cock in my mouth, sucking and tasting you, flicking my tongue over the tip, my hands are cupping and caressing your balls, even with the shower water I can smell the animal strength in you, your hands are gently pressing on my head, moving my hair so you can see me enjoying your cock in my mouth, so you can watch my lips moving against your shaft, I'm totally lost in the moment wanting to taste your cum, hungrily sucking, licking and exploring your cock and balls with my fingers and mouth. You then slowly pull me up not letting me finish what I so want, you pick me up in your strong arms, so that my legs are wrapped round your back, we are kissing over and over so hungry for each other, you lean us against the shower wall, and let me slide down your torso, so that your cock enters my hot wet pussy, I gasp as it fills me, trying to find somewhere to put my feet so that you don't have to take all my weight, you start slowly thrusting in as my pussy melts around you, but soon your animal instincts take over and you get faster and faster, this time I let myself go and as I cum over your cock, I scream and moan with the completeness I'm feeling as you cum inside me, the water from the shower now feels like needles as every part of my being comes alive. As you let me come down from my orgasm, you turn the shower off, and after you lift me up off your cock you reach for the towels and gently wrap me in the soft white towel and carry me to your bed, where you let me lie sleepily while you dry yourself.

rm_Deanobaby2 40M
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11/8/2005 6:54 am

Hi kitten!
GR8 STORY! Just to let you know it is nice to be wanted!
I will post comments on your blogs still, just to let u know I am around, and if you see me anywhere on AdultFriendFinder then I am online and willin to chat 2 u. Same rules of discretion as b4 tho.
I'm off now to take a cold shower or wank in a hot one, I haven't decided yet! Lmao!
U tc hun and be strong!

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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11/16/2005 10:23 am

Very nice, madkitten; yum!

MillsShipsGayly 51M

11/23/2005 8:17 am

Very nice ....

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