patiently waiting  

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5/25/2006 4:42 am
patiently waiting

hello to all who read,
Tom and I have been together for 3 years and have yet to encounter a sexual exsperience with other people!!!! we are patiently waiting to enjoy the company and the touch of others. I am a very kinky and bi woman that has great desires to be with another woman. The thought of touching her breasts through her shirt,sliding my fingers gently over her nipples,to watch her exspression on her face as I exsplore her body very slowly, looking into her eyes while I touch her is a great turn on. waiting To feel the moistness of her hot wet wanting mouth.Touching her warm lips softly with my lips and tongue as I slowly move my trembling hands across her hard nipples.Kissing her harder while i lightly massage her breasts.Knowing she wants more by the light moans she makes. I start to make my way down to her stomach, kissing her gently all around to fell her squirm under my hands and under my hot breath. moving my hand down to her wet wanting pussy.Undressing her slowly I feel her moving toward me letting me know she wants more. I slide her pants off slowly and kiss her gently with my wet warm lips.Running my tongue up and down her quivering thighs, Never going where she wants me to go. I love the tease, by now Im dripping wet.She grabs the back of my head trying to guide me.Which at this point I dont want her to do, so I take her by the hands and walk her into the bedroom cuffing her hands above her head to the head board exsposing her tits for me to have free reign. Now thats she mine I straddle her and begin to play with her tits shaking them a little to make her nipples hard for me to suck and nibble on, I slowly tickle her stomach and down to her inner thighs.I can see her wet hot lips wanting to be sucked on.I begin to run my hot tongue all around her inner thighs not quite touch her lips and clit until shes squirming for me to do so.I take my hand and spread her lips to exspose her swollan clit, I lean forward and touch it gently with my tongue, She jumps in anticipation.Knowing how much Im turning her on is the ultimate excitement for me. To have control on her enjoyment and orgasms.This is what Im patiently waiting for and to have Tom sit back and watch me until Hes ready to join in and fill all her wanting holes is what we are waiting for. We have many more fantasies to tell you about but this is the first tease. There will be more. I also cant wait to watch my man fuck another woman. watching her enjoyment on her face as he fucks into orgasm and I wil gladly clean her up until she cums again.

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