dreaming the dream  

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6/4/2006 7:11 pm

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4/20/2008 7:45 pm

dreaming the dream

I am here, far, far, away, lost in the sea of fog, that life beings my way.
I am the man of your dreams, tall and strong serving his country right or wrong . I must do what is right,
for my heart sings true,
to fight or die, or to service you, I am a soilder, and proud to be,
This is who I am , I hope you see, That some of us must, fight, so the others can be free and to dream ,
dream and dream what they can be.
I am in the south getting ready for war, to fight or to die, true as it is to me , I do not wish to die,
but I will go, for we men of truth, we will do what needs to be done, so that others will be free to dream the
dream as you do now!

I am the lover of your dreams for at nite I must say ,that ours dreams dance together and ours souls love to play.
Till the early morning hours and the dawns brakes away, Ours souls brakes aparts and I slip away, and dream of the
next nite so our souls can play.

I am a man ,more than a huge thick cock dripping from you. I am the man who is holding you,
From the bad dreams that flying throught the air, and from the bad days at work ,that others do not care.
To help you up when life puts you down, and to give his love a rose and a golden crown, to worship his queen
on hand and foot , to put a smile on her face and to give her the world on a silver plate.

I am the man that can calm your fears, When it is dark, I will come near, with my sword in hand and shield up high,
to block away the fears and cut away the pain. I will guard and protect you without an gain.

I am the man that will meet your needs , with love and things . to cloth you ,to feed you, to houses you and to hold
you when you cry. to give gold and silverand a ring.

I am the man that can see the pain and anger in your eyes that know the pains and where it lies. I can look in to your eyes
and see, and look into the window of your soul. For the eyes are the deep pool of the souls in which all answers an be found
They show hope and love ,, truth and lies, and they show us happy and sadess ,, that why we cry.

This is all I have to say for now, so sweet angel do not frown, life is like a clown, some days happy and somedays sad,
some are joyful and glee, fun for all ,so we must all be, till next we all must be,,

When I go war, you must know that I will alway love you with my heart and soul. I will dream of you and miss your soul.

Each nite I will dream of you, sweet dreams that I hope will come true.


This you must do ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

GOD will be with me , I now this to be true, for I love JESUS as well as you, For GOD AND JESUS has us in the palm of there hands.
To call us home in there time is all part of there plans, for we all go in time this is true ,, I will always love you for this true,
So if death come to me you must now this ,, I love I love you with my heart and soul, even as my body grow cold...
For our body are but a shell in this earth plane, are souls are forever in gods lovey hands....

So if I come home cold and dead , you can morn for me I wish it to be, BUT YOU ALSO HAVE TO GET OVER ME, for I have gone to a far better place
with GOD AAND JESUS by my side, cry for me ,but do not hide your heart and soul to others that make you happy on this earthly plane, .
For your happiness I will be praying ,,,,,,

I write this not to make you sad and blue ,, but I write this to make it true, I love you , I love you and the most important thing I must tell
that your happiness that you must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I more think I will tell is to dream and dream, and be happy at what you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dreams and dreams we all must have, or we lay here shallow and cold,
for we must dream the dreams of tomorrow, to look for the light of god to shine on our souls ,
so we can shine the light for the others who are loose in the dark in the shades of darkness,
to help and guide, to love and to be loved, the dream of life is too short ,we must live our lifes and dream,
we must look into the future and not live the the past, the past is gone forever and can not come back, we can usess
the past as a guide for the future, so we do not make the same wrong steps again as well as the turns ,,,,,

the thing that lighten my heart from the hurt of the world is to be happy and always find the joy of each second,of each day.
because that second will not come again, the pain of this world will not go with you when you leave this plane to go with god,,,, so be joyful
and have the fun you are looking for ... smile sweet angel and let your wings fly
high.............. sorry , about the preaching sometime I can be very deep,,, in life,, on a lighter note ,,
a well is a deep subject for a shallow mind,,,,,,,,,,,, yahoo just be happy at all you do even paying taxes

rm_kustysangle 52F
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6/18/2006 12:17 am

I read this once and now again and my friend you too have words that can sing...
What a wonderful post that has touched my heart I can only hope it has done for others as it has done for me. Put a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

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