When SEX & LOVE Collide:  

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12/4/2005 12:25 pm

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When SEX & LOVE Collide:

We'd arranged to meet at 6.30pm in the usual hotel. We hadn't seen each other for a few weeks; out diaries conspired to keep us apart!

I always try to be there 1 or 2 hours before her to shave, shower, relax & generally freshen up. I arrived at 5pm, checked in, went straight to our room & freshened up.

I like this hotel. It's got good room service, internet access in every room & rooms with large king size beds.

After showering I Logged on to the internet. Cruised AdultFriendFinder & chatted to a good friend on MSN. We made contact after she joined AdultFriendFinder but she cancelled her membership after a few weeks but we've remained close friends. We've never met but hope we will some day.

She was due to arrive at 6.30pm. At 5.50pm I sent my usual text: "have checked in, in room 132, what time will u be here?" Two minutes later came the reply. "6.30".

I knew from her text messages during the week that she had a pretty shit couple of weeks, mostly at work but also at home. Knew she drank Bicardi & Coke so brought some just in case she wanted to wind down.

About 6.10pm I took the ice bucket from the minibar & went to the end of the corridor to get the ice. I was already aroused. I could feel my cock pressing hard against my pants. If I'm this aroused now, what will I be like when she arrives?

At 6.25 there is a soft gentle knock on the door. She's early & I'm pleased. Will she notice my 'hardness', but really I don't care.

I open the door, she smiles & walks past me. I close the door. She turns round & we kiss. After a few minutes we just hug each other tightly. We'd tried to arrange this meeting for a few weeks buy fate contrived to frustrate!!

Before she could get her coat off she started to tell me all about her shitty day and her lousy week. I offered her a drink and she said "Yes Please". I poured three cubes of ice into the glass, a slice of lemon (had come well prepared) a genorous helping of Bidardi (no measure) and Coke. Poured one for myself.

She took the drink, sat on the only armchair in the room and I sat on the bed opposite. She chatted freely, unloading all her woes, worries & concerns & I sat & listened. I commented when appropriate but felt she just needed an ear to listen. We both were in bare feet at this stage & played footsie while she talked.

When she finished her first drink I enquired if she would like another. "O yes please". So I poured another the same as before. I hadn't finished mine so just one this time. I could see she was beginning to chill out.

I knelt in front of her & placed her feet on my knees. I massaged her feet one at a time & she said how good that felt. She continued to offload her worries but I could see she was beginning to relax, her voice was softer and her tone was less agressive towards all those bastards who were giving her a hard time at work.

She was two thirds the way down her second drink when she stopped talking & looked at me. She set her drink down & motioned me to stand up in front of her. If she hadn't noticed my hardness earlier she couldn't miss it now. I stood there with her face looking directly into my crotch. She looked, smiled up at me & gently laid her right palm against my swollen cock & carressed it from outside my pants.

She began to open my belt & the button of my trousers. She pulled down the zip. She didn't have to put her hand in or search, my hard, erect cock just shot out as though it knew it was going to get some attention.

She looked at it. It was hard, erect & throbbing. She looked up at me and gave me a cheeky grin. Then she turned her eyes to my cock & gently licked the knob. It was shyly peeping out beyond the foreskin & she just licked it with her tongue.

She looked up at me again & smiled & then slowly put my cock into her mouth & gently pushed the foreskin back behind the knob with her tongue & lips. The she slowly, genlty closed her teeth on my knob. She gently squeezed against it so as to just inject a little pain but alot of pleasure. As I looked down I realised how much control this woman had over me. She could have me reathing in pain or moaning in ectasy.

She raised her right hand and fondled my hard balls. Her index finger circled that area around my ass & she ran it gently from there to my balls. Over & back & gently & occassionally inserting her finger just slightly into my ass. All the time she was just playing, sucking, licking my knob.

Suddenly she stopped, took my cock out of her mouth and lifted the drink glass. I thought that was as much as I was going to get & started to pull away. But she stopped me & grabbed my hard, erect cock with her right hand & made me stand still. She took a drink. Then she took one of the slightly melted pieces of ice into her mouth & put my cock back in again.

Then she took both hands and placed them on my buttocks, pulling them slightly apart & rubbing her fingers up and down, in and out of my ass. Then she pulled me towards her and took my fullness entire into her mouth.The feeling of her warm tongue & the cold ice almost blew my mind. She pulled me forward & pushed me pack in a sweet slow rythm. Eventually I could stand it any longer, my eyes rolled to heaven, I groaned "Ahhh Jesus, I'm going to cum". And I did. She kept up the rythem until she was sure she had sucked every last drop. Oooooooooo the ectasy!!

When she eventually let my cock slip out of her mouth she gently looked up at me and said thanks for being a good listener!! Jesus if only I'd known!!

By this time she still had all her cloths on but I was half naked.I took off the rest of my cloths & lay on the bed. She joined me.

We kissed & I focussed on her ears & neck for a while. Then I moved down to her firm & full tits. She has really nice tits, firm nipples & very sensuas. I gradually worked my way down but when I came to her pussy I just breathed on it, licked her inner upper thigh & moved on down her legs. By this she was really wet & I moved back up towards her pussy. I circled her pussy lips with my tongue but not touching them. I blew softly on her clit & her lips & could see them opening, inviting me in. Then I gently licked her lips, speradically with my tongue until she cried out please lick me. I did. My hands under her buttocks, her pussy soft & soaking against my face, she came, pushing her hips upwards into me.

We made love/had sex three times more that evening. The next time she lay on her left hand side, right knee at right angles with her body & left leg straight down. I sat astride her left leg & FUCKED her side ways. I know from before that she liked it that way, I like it that way, get extra penetration.

The next time she was on top. "I'm going to ride you" she said & she did.

The final time we made love that night was straight forward Missionary Style. After a long night our bodies came together in perfect rythm & we came almost simultaneously.

As I collapsed on top of her I kissed her & looked into her eyes. She smiled & the moment was perfect. We both felt fulfilled, arroused and satisfied. For that brief, fleeting moment there was love in our eyes. That's the feeling that all lovers can experience if only for the briefest of moments.We cuddled in & went to sleep secure in the knowledge that I would awaken her early the next morning with a very hard cock & we would make love before we had to leave for work.

We don't love each other, we're good friends. We enjoy each other's company & have good sex.

I see other people from time to time & possibly, probably she does too.

We all can have great sex, erotic sex, sensual sex but the 'cream on the coffee' the 'icing on the cake' is when 'SEX & LOVE collide' if only for a fleeting moment!!

LOL Macker

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12/4/2005 12:44 pm

I agree...There is nothing more powerful.


silkysmoothlegs3 105F

12/4/2005 1:27 pm

wow thats erm a great story

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