Toys for Boys for Xmas  

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12/1/2005 3:05 pm

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Toys for Boys for Xmas

Heres the thing. See alot of Blogs about Sex Toys for women but not sure what Sex Toys are out there for men.

Have to admit I'm not up to speed on Sex Toys for men or women & have only limited experience.

Bought a Vibrator for a partner one & we both enjoyed if for a time. But one night when we were trying it out she said she preferred the real thing. Not sure if you was just massaging my ego but I duly obliged (from memory I obliged quite a number of times that night!).

Have to own up to buying a 'Vibrating Vagina' once. Kind of a plastic or rubber thing with multiple controls & a nice tight hole (as you would expect). But didn't find it particularly enjoyable. The vibrating object was at the back of the vagina & when my cock was in as far as it would go my knob was irritated by the vibrator rather than pleasured as you would have expected. Can't remember the name but if I could would share & recommend to all you guys not to buy it.

Would like to but a 'cock ring' sometime. Have to admit I've improvised with this one. The sensation of something tight around the base of your cock really prolongs the erection. I prefer to wear in just under my balls; not sure if a real cock ring could work that way.

So anyway guys what are the options out there for Sex Toys for men for Xmas. Might just treat myself.

But girls maybe you can throw some light on this subject. Have you cum across any toys for boys that you would recommend.

Maybe there are some toys out there that both the Girls & Boys can share and I'm sure a few fall into that category.

Any advice for an inexperienced toy fancier!!

lol Macker

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

12/1/2005 5:31 pm

your partner... and you..........

your so lucky to have such a sexual partner......

i recommend a toy u cant buy it you need to order it pre book it

its called silky


silky xxxxxxxxxxx

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