Tie me up and fuck me please! continued;  

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3/6/2006 2:51 pm

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Tie me up and fuck me please! continued;

Then I went to my case and took out a soft, black blind fold I'd packed.

I knelt beside her and showed her the blindfold. She's tied up and totally at my mercy now, but it's important that everything is consensual. I need to know she's comfortable with the blindfold. I needent have worried. She smiled and nodded approvingly.

I slipped the blindfold over her head. She was already very arroused. But now she was just lying there, not knowing what I was going to do next. I wasn't sure what I was going to do next. Part of the fun was making it up as I go along.

I wanted her to smell me, sense me, know that I was ever present; but unsure what I was going to do or when I was going to do it.

I knelt over her face. My erect cock and balls just inches, millimeters from her nose, face, lips. I could hear her smelling me. She stuck out her tongue and briefly touched my cock. I pulled away immediately and said "not yet".

I moved down along her body, my knees either side of her. As I passed over her breasts my cock and balls went through the centre and her nipples brushed against my inner thighs. On down towards her pussy. I gently lowered my cock and balls down between her legs and rubbed my balls against her pussy, but only for a brief moment. I moved further down along her legs, gently brushing here and there against each leg at different spots in turn. Finally I reached her feet and gently touched her feet with my cock and balls, just enought to prompt her to try and flick her feet against them; to rub them with here toes.

Then I moved away from the bed. I could hear her breathing, listening, wondering where I was; what would I do next. I moved quietly and tried ot make as little noise as possible. After all the tension, the anticipation, the expectation was part of the eroticism.

I poured a glass of wine. It was white wine. Chilled!

I moved quitely back towards the bed and sipped some wine but held it in my mouth. I gently leaned over her and just let a little wine dribble out of my mouth down onto her tummy, just above her pussy. I could see her flinch slightly as the cold wine hit her skin. I knew she was wondering what it was!

As I dirbbled the wine over her I moved slowly downwards so that the last drops fell directly on to her fussy. I moved down between her legs and gently licked and sucked the wine from her pussy and worked back up to her tummy. Then moved back down to her pussy and sucked and licked every last drop from around her pussy and clit.

I took another sip of wine and stood off the bed and moved slowly up towards her breasts. I dribbled a little wine over each breast and then leaned over and sucked on her nipples, sucking every last drop of wine, licking around her nipples and her breasts with my tongue.

I took another little drop of wine into my mouth, less this time than before and this time I leaned forward and kissed her; as I did a let a little wine into her mouth; then a little more & then as our kiss intensified the wine flowed our of our merging lips down her cheeks.

I could see her arousal had intensified. She was heaving her thighs, her pussy upwards in a circular motion as if to try and make herself cum; but I was in control; and it wasn't time for that yet.

I moved towards her hands which were tied to the bed head-posts. First I untied her right hand and moved it over and tied it to the opposite post. Then I untied her right foot and did the same. Then I untied both her left hand and left foot and tied them to the opposite posts. Now she was lying on her tummy and I was kneeling over her, sitting on her ass, my cock and balls gently easing down between her buttocks.

Then I...........

To be continued.

lol Macker

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3/6/2006 5:16 pm

Macker...you're making me crazy! In my mind.....I'm finishing the story for you. I'm not at all sure that I could be tied up and blindfolded....I would be begging for what I wanted! Hurry...next installment....please? See! I'm begging already!

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