Tie me up and fuck me please!  

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Tie me up and fuck me please!

Logs Cabins, Log Fires, Sex & Satin Sheets: Part iv

We went for a short walk in the woods, up the mountain and back down by the Lodge.

When we arrived back at the cabin we had our customary shower. This time we showered together. Funny how sexy & erotic just lathering soap all over your partners body can be. Slowly rubbing and washing every part of her body.

We dried each other off in the bedroom and she lay down on the bed. I stood over her and watched as she just stretched out. Her arms stretched towards either bed post. Her legs more or less straight down the bed but slightly apart.

I reached into my case and pulled out the silk scarves I'd packed. I knelt over her and gently rubed her with the scarves. She sighed and softly said, Tie me up and fuck me; please.

I gently tied her hands to each bed post. Then pulling her legs apart gently tied her legs to the bottom bed posts.

I took out the massage oil I'd packed and the lubricant and gently massaged all over her body. The lubricant has a hot tingling sensation to it and I rubbed it in between her buttocks and into her ass. I spent what seemed like hours just pleasuring her. She closed her eyes and I could see her getting very aroused.

Then I.............

To be continued..

lol Macker

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Come on....inquiring minds want to know.

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