Sensual Stimulation  

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5/13/2006 1:49 am

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Sensual Stimulation

She lies there, naked, restrained, outstretched, anticipating.

Her senses all in a high state of arrousal; even her eyes despite the blindfold.

She can feel my breath gently miander up all the way from her foot, her lower leg, her inner thigh, her womanhood. She tries to open herself even more, her muscles of her pussy lips trying to expose her wet inner sanctum. I trace my breath up the other leg, slowly, miandering, takeing my time, watching her move her hips and thighs in an attempt to open up for me and invite me in; but not you my love!

I sit for a moment on the chair beside the bed. I admire her, trace my eyes down her body;
her lips, wet tongue darting out, licking her lips, wanting to taste me.
her erect nipples, pointing upwards, inviting me to suck them, take them gently between my teeth, pinch slightly and suck them hard into me.
her beautiul womanhood, so wet, juices beginning to trickle out of her, down her inner thigh, I can see the sheen of her wetness on her leg.

Her ears are alert, trying to pick up every sound, wondering, where is he? what is he doing? what will he do?

She can hear me as I gently hold my manhood, fondling it, playing with it, cusping my balls as I admire the perfection that is a naked woman's body; as I anticipate what is to cum.

I move back to the bed. I blow gently into her ear, and draw my breath along her cheek until I reach her lips. I gently place my lips against hers, our tongues touch but I pull back before doing the same again. She's confused, why don't I just kiss her, deeply. But I want to stimulate all her senses, slowly to that point of anticipation, arousal where we both want to explode.

I move down her body. Her skin can feel my breath as I move towards her breasts. Occassionally I let my tongue dart out and lick her skin.

When I reach her breasts I circle each one. Blowing and occassionally licking each one in a circular movement gradually working my way towards the summit that is the nipples. When I reach the nipples, my willpower is beginning to wain and the physical contact begins to increase. The moisture from my mouth has made her nipples wet; I take one in my mouth and Oooooooooo the ectasy of feeling her nipple in my mouth. Sucking as much of it into me to the point where my mouth is full and I struggle to breath. Her body arches up towards me as she urges me on.

As I turn towards her womanhood, I straddle her, my head positioned directly above her pussy, my manhood directly above her head. I move down towards her wetness, to within a millimetre of her moisture. My nose is just touching her lips, smelling her, feeling her, wanting her. I lower my manhood to a point just above her face where she could smell me, sense me, almost feel me but not quite. She arches her head up and tries to lick me with her tongue. I tease her slightly and let her touch me for a second before pulling back up again.

I turn my attention to her wetness. My hands are now under her bottom, my fingers spread and firmly enbedded in her buttox. I lower my face to her inviting cheeks and I devour her;

I don't know about you but I'm stimulated


HBowt2 59F

5/13/2006 7:38 am

quietly leaving...
didn't mean to interrupt.....
do i have to go....
can i watch a bit longer....

macker1965 replies on 5/13/2006 8:46 am:
o.k.but only if you don't behave

Sulabula 45F
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5/13/2006 8:41 am

hmmmmm I better go hehe

Sula xxx

come visit my blog

macker1965 replies on 5/13/2006 8:48 am:
o.k. but thanks for dropping by


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