Seduce me with your BODY: Entrap me with your MIND.  

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1/11/2006 3:32 pm

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Seduce me with your BODY: Entrap me with your MIND.

Seduce me with your body.
When I look into your eyes it's as though someone has taken all the stars out of the sky, crushed them together and moulded two perfect sparkling eyes and given them to you. When I look into those eyes it's as though all the stars in the sky are sparkling and they dazle me.

When I look at your smile it's as though someone has taken the sun and moulded it into a smile for you. When you smile at me you light up my world with it's warmth.

Let me wrap my arms around you and hold you soft breasts tightly. When I hold them close and feel their softnes and erect nipples, it arouses the most basic instincts in me. I want to lay my head on your breasts and feel their sofness like a pillow made of the softnes down. I want to suck on your nipples and arouse you.

Let me kiss your womanhood and taste your juices. I want to inhale that scent that endures and arouses me. I want to lick you and caress you until you moan in ectasy.

With your body you can arouse me, drive me wild.

But if you want to entrap me, have me forever, you must let me look into your mind. It is your mind that makes you unique, special, gentle, sensual, caring. It will be for your mind that I will love you for forever.

lol Macker

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